Inspiring: These State Reps Who Got Kicked Out of Office After Having Affair Are Both Trying to Get Reelected

Welcome to Big Time Small-Time Dicks, a regular column on The Slot that explores local politicians, small-town scandals and everything else making life miserable on a local level. Know a small time person who is a big time dick we should feature? Email us. »10/06/15 10:10am10/06/15 10:10am


Humans 100,000 Years in the Future Will Look Pants-Pissingly Scary

Hey, have you ever wondered what people will look like thousands and thousands of years after you've decomposed to dust and everyone has forgotten your name? Well, wonder no more — thanks to the magic of computers, we now have what one pair of researchers claims is a picture of how our great great great great great… »6/10/13 4:00pm6/10/13 4:00pm

Not Pooping Your Pants Is One of Life's Greatest Accomplishments

Fact: Nobody wants to hear about potty training. Even though it's arguably one of the biggest milestones in a human's life ever — not pissing/crapping yourself for at least some period of time is basically a requirement to be in the autonomous world, without which it would be pretty darn hard to accomplish other… »1/22/13 5:40pm1/22/13 5:40pm

Your Evening Cry: Adorable Blind Puppy Is Newest Member of Albuquerque Baseball Team

Here's a story to warm the icy cockles of your heart. Weeks ago, several teammates from the Isotopes, Albuquerque's minor league baseball team, were volunteering at an animal shelter in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. While there, pitcher John Ely met and fell in love with a 6-month-old German shepherd mix named Stevie… »6/27/12 6:40pm6/27/12 6:40pm