Amanda Bynes Not Getting Married, Tricked Into Psychiatric Hold Instead

Just when we were all hoping that Amanda Bynes was doing better (despite the strange behavior, mysterious twitters and threats to sue the tabloids), her life has taken another devastating turn. TMZ reports that Bynes' parents and Sam Lutfi have tricked the troubled star into into a psychiatric hold. » 10/11/14 11:35am 10/11/14 11:35am

Watch the Trailer for Marisa Tomei and Hugh Grant's New Rom Com

Heavens be, how was this not common knowledge? Hugh Grant and Marisa Tomei made a romantic comedy called The Rewrite. Grant stars as a washed up screenwriter forced to take a job as as college professor to make ends meet and Tomei plays his student. Yup, sounds about right. » 8/29/14 1:50pm 8/29/14 1:50pm

Sienna Miller Told Daniel Craig 'I Love You' While Engaged to Jude Law

Ooooh! British hunk triangle from nine years ago! HOW TITILLATING. As part of the News of the World phone-tapping trial, a voicemail from Sienna Miller to Daniel Craig was played in court. While she was still engaged to Jude Law, Miller apparently left Craig a voicemail telling him, "Hi, it's me. I can't speak, I'm at… » 1/28/14 8:00pm 1/28/14 8:00pm

Janet Jackson Quit Showbiz and Converted To Islam, I Guess

As Janet Jackson herself predicted in 2001: Maybe we'll meet at a bar / He'll drive a funky car / Maybe he'll be a Qatari-born retail billionaire / And I'll convert to Islam. Sure enough, rumor has it that Jackson has retired from show business for good and adopted the religion of her husband Wissam al-Mana, who she… » 4/20/13 11:30am 4/20/13 11:30am

Hugh Grant Gets a ‘Substantial’ Amount of Cash Money in Phone-Hacking…

After apparently being victimized in the News of the World phone-hacking scandal, rom-com thespian Hugh Grant has, according to the Associated Press, received a "substantial" settlement from the now-defunct muckraking organization. Grant's lawyer Mark Thompson briefly told the media that the actor's claim arose from… » 12/22/12 5:00pm 12/22/12 5:00pm

Blake Shelton Tastefully Implies That Shooting Could Have Been…

There were respectful, emotional responses from myriad celebrities about the events at Sandy Hook Elementary yesterday, and there was the one on country singer and singing competition judge Blake Shelton's Twitter.
» 12/15/12 11:30am 12/15/12 11:30am

Taylor Swift Tries to Convince You She's a Badass Rocker in New Video

America's golden daughter Taylor Swift, who turned 23 yesterday, is growing up and wants to prove it. Subsequently, she copped some rocker shit (stringy pink-tipped wig! Taylor Momsen eye makeup!) for the brand-new "I Knew You Were Trouble" video, which features some bubblegum Sid and Nancyish antics opposite the… » 12/14/12 9:00am 12/14/12 9:00am

Hugh Grants Flips the Bird

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 21: Actor Hugh Grant attends 'The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists' UK premiere at The Mayfair Hotel on March 21, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images) » 3/22/12 10:30pm 3/22/12 10:30pm

Is Claire Danes Experiencing Lash Serum Side Effects?

Divine Brown, 15 Years Later

"I'm happy and peaceful in my life, finally. We're not perfect. We make mistakes. I was young - so was Hugh - but we all can be forgiven our sins and we can move on." [DailyMail] » 8/28/10 3:35pm 8/28/10 3:35pm

Mary Kate Ashley In Plane Scare; Jonathan Rhys Meyers Hurls The N-Word

Mixed Feelings For My Fair Lady Reboot

We're ambivalent about the reported remake of My Fair Lady. On the one hand, Emma Thompson's writing it. On the other, what's wrong with the original? And we're sold on Carey Mulligan. But Hugh Grant as Henry Higgins? Discuss. [BBC] » 3/25/10 7:40pm 3/25/10 7:40pm

Tell-All Book Reveals Brad And Angelina's Secrets; Corey Haim's Funeral…

Gabourey Dances With Madonna; Hurt Locker Star Denies He's Dating…

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Amy Engaged To Blake, Lindsay Spotted With Leo, And Sarah Jessica Wants…

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