Melanie Griffith And Antonio Banderas Don't Do It Anymore, Might Divorce

After fifteen years of marriage (and a fair amount of that spent in couples therapy, apparently), two of the final standing members of the Un-Divorced Hollywood Old Guard, Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith, might be almost ready to call it quits. This spring, Banderas was seen getting all up on another woman at a… » 7/20/12 9:00am 7/20/12 9:00am

Hysteria Trailer: The History Of The Vibrator

Maggie Gyllenhaal, Hugh Dancy, and Rupert Everett star in Hysteria, a movie set in Victorian London. More interestingly, it's about the invention of the vibrator. Dancy plays a young doctor struggling to establish himself in the medical world until he's invited to join a women's practice that specializes in curing… » 8/17/11 4:15pm 8/17/11 4:15pm