It's Official: HPV Vaccine Doesn't Turn Teens Into Whore Monsters

New research today from the Department of Oh My God Why Does This Study Have To Exist — turns out, vaccinating teenage girls against HPV won't cause them to go from innocent children drawing pictures of flowers with crayons to unstoppable slutzillas. Sort of like how wearing seatbelts doesn't cause car accidents, or… »10/15/12 11:40am10/15/12 11:40am

Is The HPV Vaccine Encouraging Girls To Abandon Safe Sex?

According to some troubling new headlines out today, the HPV vaccine may make girls think they can forget about practicing safe sex because they're protected against all the nasty stuff lurking in other people's bodily fluids. Yet, just last week, parents were being assured that the vaccine doesn't turn little girls… »1/03/12 10:30am1/03/12 10:30am

Another Day, Another Awful Ailment Linked To HPV

HPV has already been found to cause cancer of the cervix, vulva, penis, anus and throat, but if the virus fails to take you out using any of those methods, it may just give you a heart attack. Though the research is still in its primary stages, scientists have found evidence that suggests HPV might give women heart… »10/25/11 10:10am10/25/11 10:10am

Shocker: Bachmann Never Accepted Bioethicist's HPV Vaccine Bet

Yesterday was the deadline for Michele Bachmann to accept University of Pennsylvania bioethicist Arthur Caplan's challenge to produce a single person who's developed "mental retardation" from Gardasil. Caplan offered to donate $10,000 to a charity of her choice if she could just locate the mystery woman whose daughter… »9/23/11 9:50am9/23/11 9:50am

Bachmann's HPV Nonsense May Have Very Real Impact

Michele Bachmann's repeated suggestions last week that the HPV vaccine might be some kind of evil "government injection" that makes little girls promiscuous and possibly "mentally retarded" may go down as one of the stupidest things ever uttered by a politician, and perhaps that's why she's totally backtracked on that… »9/20/11 11:20am9/20/11 11:20am

Bachmann Attacks Perry Over HPV Vaccine Mandate

Tonight at the CNN/Tea Party Express Republican debate in Tampa, Rick Perry's decision to issue an executive order in 2007 mandating HPV vaccines for girls came up again, and the other candidates went into attack mode — particularly Michele Bachmann. The Republican candidates discussion of the HPV vaccine contained a… »9/12/11 11:34pm9/12/11 11:34pm