Rachel Dolezal Steps Down From Her Position as Spokane NAACP President

On Monday, Rachel Dolezal stepped down as president from the Spokane, Washington NAACP while name dropping the Black Liberation movement, Chattel Slavery and self-determination. What she didn’t mention is the “full story” she proclaimed none of us have about why she’s pretended to be African American for the last ten… »6/15/15 12:20pm6/15/15 12:20pm

When Rachel Dolezal Attended Howard University, She Was Still White

It’s the day after Rachel Dolezal blew up Twitter and thoroughly confused people. Who was this white woman pretending to be black, we all wondered, so black she became the president of the Spokane, Washington NAACP? Where did she come from? Well, she came, in part, from the historically black Howard University. »6/12/15 2:50pm6/12/15 2:50pm

Widely-Reported Story of Gay Men Suing Historically Black Sorority Smells Like Bullshit

Five years ago, the story of a group of gay men claiming to be men who were enthusiastic about historically black sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha set some corners of the internet aflame. According to circulated reports, a group of men (super, super, super gay ones!) were prancing around Texas Southern Southern University… »6/20/12 4:30pm6/20/12 4:30pm