Caitlin Moran Explains The Whole Bitch Magazine Lena Dunham Kerfuffle

The brevity and bluntness that distinguishes How To Be A Woman author (a tome chosen, in fact, for our very own book club) and Times of London columnist Caitlin Moran has gotten her into some hot water this week. After tweeting that she would be interviewing Lena Dunham, a random user asked: "Did you address the… » 10/20/12 12:30pm 10/20/12 12:30pm

Jezebel Book Club: How To Be a Woman

For our second installment of the Jezebel Book Club, we'll be discussing Caitlin Moran's How To Be a Woman, which is great news for those of you who've read it, because it's hilarious and thought-provoking and awesome, and even for those of you who haven't, because Moran tackles a lot of topics that — if you're here… » 8/24/12 4:10pm 8/24/12 4:10pm

Honeypot, Flaps, Twat: Nicknaming a Vagina Is Tricky Business

The problem with the word "vagina" is that vaginas seem to be just straight-out bad luck. Only a masochist would want one, because only awful things happen to them. Vaginas get torn. Vaginas get "examined." Evidence is found in them. Serial killers leave things in them, to taunt Morse — like they're the shelf in the… » 7/25/12 1:35pm 7/25/12 1:35pm