A Eulogy For How I Met Your Mother, By 2 People Who Barely Watched It

Tonight, at 8 PM EST, the 9-season run of the beloved CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother will come to a close. To prep for it, Lindy West and I — two individuals who had, prior to last week, only watched a handful of episodes of the show — tried to watch every single episode in the run up to the finale. Our results were… »3/31/14 7:45pm3/31/14 7:45pm

How I Met Your Mother Was a Lot Smarter About Politics Than Most TV

Tonight, How I Met Your Mother ends its 9-year run by revealing, finally, how mopey-ass Ted Mosby finally met the woman who would eventually let him put two babies in her. But devotees of the show know that it's about a lot more than inside jokes among a group of unusually clever and often drunk friends. They know it… »3/31/14 2:30pm3/31/14 2:30pm

Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel Singing Les Mis Is Legendary

How I Met Your Mother actors Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris — both musical theater enthusiasts — happen to share a deep affection for the show Les Misérables. In fact, they love the musical so much that they can perform a near perfect duet of "The Confrontation" with NPH as Javert and Segel as Valjean and it's… »3/31/14 11:20am3/31/14 11:20am

What Can We Learn From Ted Mosby's Slutty Adventures?

Vulture draws our attention to this Daily Beast video that recaps all the women Ted Mosby on How I Met Your Mother has dated during the soon-to-be nine seasons of the show, ultimately proving as the title of the video indicates that "Ted Mosby Is a Slut." I'm sorry, what it actually does it point out all the "random… »9/19/13 10:40am9/19/13 10:40am

How I Met Your Mother's Ninth Season Confirmed, aka We Will All Be Dead Before We Meet Their Damn Mother

In the most unholy news yet this holiday season, it looks like there will be YET ANOTHER SEASON of the How I Met Your Mother. Apparently this will be the show's ninth season, which means the kids will soon be entering retirement communities, still sitting on the aged knees of their nonagenarian father who can't shut… »12/24/12 7:15pm12/24/12 7:15pm

Robert Pattinson Is Drying His Breakup Tears on Reese Witherspoon's Goats

Contrary to yesterday's rumors, Robert Pattinson is not on a train, on a boat, on a plane, in a moat, or partying in London. He is, in fact, crouching behind some bushes in Reese Witherspoon's Ojai, California ranch (literal, not metaphor) until this whole "world knowing your girlfriend cheated on you" thing blows… »8/01/12 9:00am8/01/12 9:00am

First Look: Katie Holmes Is The 'Slutty Pumpkin'

Those who have been watching How I Met Your Mother from the start know that each Halloween, Ted ventures upstairs to the same party where he first saw the "Slutty Pumpkin" in 2001. Each year he dresses the same — as a "Hanging Chad," which was kinda funny at the time, I guess — in hopes that he'll come across the… »10/27/11 4:55pm10/27/11 4:55pm