'Angry Stripper' Files Lawsuit Against Newspaper That Fired Her

For awhile, Houston Chronicle society writer Sarah Tressler was leading a double life. A mild-mannered, buttoned up writer on rich useless people's activities by day, by night she took her clothes off for money and blogged about it under the pseudonym "The Angry Stripper." She was a little like Clark Kent and… » 5/15/12 12:10pm 5/15/12 12:10pm

Journalist/Multi-Tasker Sarah Tressler Gives First Interview Since…

Houston society journalist Sarah Tressler has given her first interview since being outed as a stripper by newspaper the Houston Press; since the story broke two days ago, Tressler has been fired from her reporting job at the Houston Chronicle for "not revealing her off-duty dancing." Despite that misfortune, she… » 3/30/12 10:40am 3/30/12 10:40am