Surprise: Same-Sex Couples Are Better At Chore Equality Than Straights

A small study looking at how gay and straight couples negotiate chores has found that (surprise) same-sex couples are better at discussing and negotiating a fair division of labor, which in turn leaves both parties more satisfied. Every straight woman may now look to your boyfriend/husband/roustabout and sigh with the… »6/08/15 6:00pm6/08/15 6:00pm

These Adorable Little Boys Will Solve The Cleaning Gender Gap

The other night I found myself perusing toddler cleaning sets on Amazon, as one does. There I was, looking through the toy Dysons and the tiny play ironing sets when I saw them, and caught a glimpse into our future. A future in which equality reigns and beruffled rubber gloves with faux jewels glued to them in an… »12/20/13 6:15pm12/20/13 6:15pm

'Rent-a-Wife' Service Lets You Rent a Woman to Do Your Chores

"What is a 'rent-a-wife?'" you may wonder upon reading about the service. "Is it a prostitute who kisses on the mouth and attends family functions?" No, dear reader, it is not. Rent-a-Wife is an L.A.-based business that lets you rent a "wife" to take care of various chores for you. It's a good idea — but,… »8/30/13 6:30pm8/30/13 6:30pm

Swiffer Kills Offensive Rosie the Riveter-Inspired Floor-Cleaning Ad

Obviously this woman is not exactly Rosie the Riveter. But it's clear the model is inspired by the World War II icon — the polka-dot headband, the blue workshirt, the tough expression. But instead of putting a mothertrucking bomber together, this lady is about to do the floors. Earlier this week, Alexandra Petri… »6/06/13 3:00pm6/06/13 3:00pm

Women Spend Less Than Half as Much Time Cleaning Now as They Did 50 Years Ago

Have you thanked your vacuum cleaner yet today? (Don't. It's an inanimate object and its lack of response will leave you feeling nothing but rejected. P.S. I think my dishwasher is mad at me.) Perhaps you should (but, really, don't) because it's largely in part to the vacuum cleaner and other household appliances that… »12/05/12 12:00pm12/05/12 12:00pm

Men Doing Housework Causes Divorce, Says Department of Lazy Husbands

A groundbreakingly retro new study making the rounds today purports to prove that households where the man does half of the housework experience a higher divorce rate than couples where the woman does the housework and the man spends the day doing other stuff, like reading the newspaper in an easy chair while smoking… »9/28/12 6:40pm9/28/12 6:40pm

You'd Be a Lot Happier If You Weren't Such an Anal Control Freak

Would you describe yourself as a control freak? Does the idea of letting a cleaning woman into your house give you a minor panic attack? Does the thought of letting your husband organize your closet make you want to cry? Well, then you might sit on the freaky side of the control spectrum. Chances are, you are kind of… »3/16/12 2:00pm3/16/12 2:00pm