Evan Peters' Boneability on American Horror Story, Ranked

American Horror Story’s Evan Peters has—what some might call—a smoking hot quality and new stills from the upcoming season of the series, American Horror Story: Hotel, suggest that his awooooga-ness remains intact. Peters, now gussied up like a 1930s casanova (more specifically, an evil casanova), is still a total… »8/28/15 4:50pm8/28/15 4:50pm


Watch Out, There's Microscopic Poop All Over Your Hotel Room

Did you travel somewhere this weekend and stay in a hotel? Well, here's hoping you didn't touch anything while you were there-like even lay down in the bed-because it turns out hotel rooms are fucking disgusting, and there are a few spots in the room that might seem like they'd be safe but actually are totally gross,… »6/17/12 11:55pm6/17/12 11:55pm

Foolhardy Princess Tries to Sneak Out of Hotel Without Paying $7.5 Million Bill

Princesses are supposed to be the pictures of grace and propriety, but apparently one Saudi princess didn't get the memo. She tried to sneak out a Paris hotel in the middle of the night without paying the six million euro bill she'd racked up. (That's nearly 7.5 million American dollars or, as it is more formally… »6/05/12 9:30am6/05/12 9:30am

Mean Bed Bugs Are Determined to Ruin Your Vacation and Probably Your Whole Life

Oh, hey there. Had you managed to forget about the constant threat of bed bugs for even one second? Hahaha, of course not. You are always aware that your home could be invaded at any time, turning what was once your comfort zone into your own personal nightmare mansion. Well, you should continue to be paranoid about… »6/04/12 11:55pm6/04/12 11:55pm

Dutch Entrepreneur’s ‘Divorce Hotel’ Promises Extremely Awkward Vacations

Though "Divorce Hotel" sounds like the title of the Break Up's sequel in which a freshly reconciled/married Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston decide to break up AGAIN the very first night of their Costa Rican honeymoon and have to hilariously spend two weeks tip-toeing around each other in the hotel's Corazón Suite,… »5/27/12 1:00pm5/27/12 1:00pm