Young Women Using Social Media To Normalize And Demand More Plus-Size Options

Adele's forthcoming plus-sized Burberry campaign is only one of the many factors that are leading to a new eye on mass-market retailers' plus-sized clothing, which blogs have dubbed "fatshion." For years, adult-skewed women's magazines had unchanged advice for larger women: steer away from horizontal stripes and… »9/22/12 5:00pm9/22/12 5:00pm


Buying Cheap Jewelry Could Have Deadly Consequences

Oh, we all thought we were so clever, buying cheap but cute necklaces and colorful bracelets at places like Forever 21, Target, and Claire's. Sure they might make our outfits look better for a very low price, but it turns out these pieces of crappy jewelry might also be poisoning us. Grr. Looks like it's time to admit… »3/20/12 7:00pm3/20/12 7:00pm

The Wall Street Journal Thinks The View Is Fun, But Stupid

The Wall Street Journal has a really, incredibly, way too long article about The View today in which writer Dorothy Rabinowitz likens the show to a riveting guilty pleasure of little importance whose co-hosts have little to no knowledge of the occasional newsy topics they bring up between celebrity gossip. I totally… »12/14/07 1:30pm12/14/07 1:30pm