Guy Who Fucked a Hot Pocket Tells All, Suggests You Use a Condom

Fucking a hot pocket will not be the first or last internet stunt you will hear about. It may, however, be one of the strangest (and possibly most pointless?) things that one could do with their time. And because it's so strange and pointless, of course someones done it, gotten blocked by Hot Pockets on Twitter… »3/01/14 1:00pm3/01/14 1:00pm

Behold: A Sensual Hot Pockets Ad Starring Kate Upton and Snoop Dogg

Some extra-suave, extra-classy modern day Don Draper has devised a viral marketing campaign for Hot Pockets. Hot Pockets, according to this 4 minute and 36 second long rapturous ode, are delicious meat-pouches that you put in the microwave when you want to feel sexy — which I would say is a very accurate… »10/08/13 6:30pm10/08/13 6:30pm