Woman Posts Winning Ticket Selfie on Facebook, Someone Else Cashes It In

Here’s a gentle reminder that the strangers you add on Facebook aren’t really your friends, no matter how many times they like your photos: An Australian woman is out nearly $900 after she posted a photo of herself with a winning horse race ticket and one of her electronic buddies took it upon themselves to claim the… »11/04/15 7:30pm11/04/15 7:30pm


Chantal Sutherland Becomes First Lady Jockey Ever to Win the Hollywood Gold Cup

On Saturday, Chantal Sutherland became the first female jockey to win the Hollywood Gold Cup in the race's 73-year history. Hooray! Sutherland successfully piggybacked on an exceptionally swift-footed quadruped named Game On Dude, earning a cool half million in prize money and a chance to compete in the $5 million… »7/08/12 12:00pm7/08/12 12:00pm

Did Eight Belles Really Die Because She "Ran Her Heart Out"?

This morning, the Today show talked to both trainer Larry Jones and veterinarian Dr. Larry Bramlage about fallen filly Eight Belles, who, as has now been widely reported, ran the race of her life in the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, only to be euthanized after breaking both front ankles after crossing the finish line.… »5/05/08 2:40pm5/05/08 2:40pm