Ryan Reynolds Talking Cat/Serial Killer Movie Sounds Effing Bonkers

Sundance Film Festival has a reputation for launching the sort of film that festoons its promotional posters with icons representing film geek awards like so many pretentious Christmas tree ornaments. But Ryan Reynold's latest film — a "horror comedy" about a man who murders and dismembers women because his evil… » 1/21/14 1:00pm 1/21/14 1:00pm

Saturday Night Social: Sharon Needles Has Great Taste in Horror Movies

Drag Race winner Sharon Needles shared her “Friday 13” list of favorite horror movies with Chiller yesterday, and it’s pretty good. Any list that includes Dead Alive and Seed of Chucky has its priorities in order, but Needles’s criteria for good horror components are perhaps a little more unique than the criteria of… » 10/26/13 6:30pm 10/26/13 6:30pm

Horror Movies Totally Burn Calories, Attests Science

Science is focused on the really big-picture problems right now. Male pattern baldness. Dropped calls. The mystery surrounding the success of mediocre sitcoms and the failure of excellent sitcoms. Candy corn, as in, how to safely dispose of it all (there are two schools of thought on this and I'll sum them up thusly —… » 10/28/12 5:45pm 10/28/12 5:45pm