Woman Discovers Rental Was Formerly a Murder Chamber Used By Killer

You never know what you're going to find when you move into a new home. The last time I moved, I found asbestos (good thing there are all those lawyer ads on TV), but a Missouri woman found something much more sinister: Her home had been used as a torture chamber. And she didn't learn it from the landlord. » 7/08/14 7:40pm 7/08/14 7:40pm

Heartbreaking: Father Murdered Son For Disrupting Video Games, Netflix

24-year-old Cody Wygant was playing video games when his infant son began making too much noise, interfering with Wygant's quality time with his Xbox. Instead of attending to his son's needs, Wygant — who was the child's primary caregiver — chose to suffocate him instead. Then he went back to the television (which can… » 4/19/14 3:20pm 4/19/14 3:20pm

Toddler Allegedly Forced To Eat Cockroach For Camera

In horrifying news you shouldn't read while eating, a family in Guatemala City is being investigated after videos of a young child eating cockroaches surfaced on YouTube. The video is several years old but only recently gained steam on social media, which has prompted an outcry and an investigation by protective… » 2/01/14 12:00pm 2/01/14 12:00pm

Brutal Gang Rape in Mumbai Reignites Outrage in India

A photojournalist in her early 20s was gang raped by five men in Mumbai on Thursday evening, according to police. The horrific attack is being compared to the December gang rape of a university student in New Delhi that caused international outrage and led to a revision of the nation's rape laws.

The attack took place… » 8/23/13 10:25am 8/23/13 10:25am

A 10-Year-Old Girl Needs a New Set of Lungs. Ethical Firestorm Ensues.

Hello everyone, I am here to ruin your week by telling you the most tragic thing you’ve ever heard (there’s like, a very small bright spot at the end, but still). On Tuesday, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius determined that she would not intervene in a case involving a young Pennsylvania… » 6/05/13 7:00pm 6/05/13 7:00pm

Cat Stench at Cat Lady’s House Gets So Bad It Sets Off the Smoke…

It's been a bad week for cat ladies in the news. First, a woman in Israel made headlines when her husband left her after she chose her 550 cats over him, and now a woman in New Jersey has raised (or rather lowered) the bar in the sad field of cat hoarding. In what has to be a cat lady first, it appears that the stench… » 5/29/12 11:15pm 5/29/12 11:15pm