NY Cafe Owner Really, Really Does Not Like Big Butts or Black People

A new lawsuit alleges that a NY cafe owner discriminated heavily against...well, pretty much everyone, and in some pretty creatively screwed-up ways. I figured we'd go a couple weeks without anyone making César Ramirez look like a decent human being by comparison. I was so very wrong. »12/10/14 10:43pm12/10/14 10:43pm

Jennifer Aniston Fellates A Banana & Molests An Employee In Horrible Bosses

The R-rated comedy Horrible Bosses — which hits theaters in July — features three men plotting to kill their three assholish supervisors. One of said bosses is a woman, played by Jennifer Aniston, who is sexually harassing her employee (played by Charlie Day). Aniston's character is a dentist who molests and sexually… »5/12/11 1:45pm5/12/11 1:45pm