NY Cafe Owner Really, Really Does Not Like Big Butts or Black People

A new lawsuit alleges that a NY cafe owner discriminated heavily against...well, pretty much everyone, and in some pretty creatively screwed-up ways. I figured we'd go a couple weeks without anyone making César Ramirez look like a decent human being by comparison. I was so very wrong. » 12/10/14 10:43pm 12/10/14 10:43pm

Michelin-Starred Chef Served Terrible Meat to Asian Customers [Update]

César Ramirez, executive chef of the three-Michelin-starred Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare in New York City, apparently really doesn't like Asians, and treated them so terribly that several of his former sous chefs and servers are now suing the hell out of him for it. » 12/03/14 11:14pm 12/03/14 11:14pm

Horrible Bosses Red Carpet Isn't So Horrible

Last night's premiere of Horrible Bosses saw some tastefully dressed celebrities—with the exception of Jennifer Aniston's toe ring. » 7/01/11 11:30am 7/01/11 11:30am

Jennifer Aniston typically plays it safe, but her toe ring gives away her inner lamewad. P.J. Byrne and Jason Sudeikis are each taking a different approach to the rich asshole…

Jennifer Aniston Fellates A Banana & Molests An Employee In Horrible…

The R-rated comedy Horrible Bosses — which hits theaters in July — features three men plotting to kill their three assholish supervisors. One of said bosses is a woman, played by Jennifer Aniston, who is sexually harassing her employee (played by Charlie Day). Aniston's character is a dentist who molests and sexually… » 5/12/11 1:45pm 5/12/11 1:45pm