Why Are Doctors Making It Such a Pain in the Ass to Get Birth Control?

Much fuss has been made over hoops politicians want to force women to jump through in order to get anyone to help them pay for birth control, from the suggestion that women should be forced to prove to their religious employers that their prescription is for non-slatternly reasons to "personhood" devotees who believe… »4/30/12 11:40am4/30/12 11:40am


New FDA Decisions Don't Mean Birth Control Is Killing You

If you weren't sufficiently enraged by the Obama administration overruling the FDA's decision to make Plan B available to teens under 17 without a prescription (which would have made it easier for all women to obtain emergency contraception), now there's concern that the new birth control rulings out of Washington… »12/12/11 6:00pm12/12/11 6:00pm