OTL: Hope Solo's Redemption Tour Is Utter Bullshit

Citing police reports, depositions and interviews with Hope Solo’s half-sister and nephew, ESPN’s Outside The Lines is alleging Solo has been lying publicly about the events of a domestic violence incident last June, and Solo’s half-sister and nephew accuse Solo of punching them both in the face repeatedly, as well as… »6/07/15 3:00pm6/07/15 3:00pm

Hope Solo's Redemption Tour Has Begun

The Women’s World Cup starts June 6, and, right on time, frequently-arrested USWNT keeper Hope Solo’s reclamation project is starting up, too. If you’re wondering why this campaign is happening, we have no answers for you; all we can do is point you to the first stop, a long, gushy, and somewhat confused ESPN profile. »6/02/15 4:47pm6/02/15 4:47pm

Hope Solo Shouldn't Be Playing Professional Sports, Either

The NFL's handling of the Ray Rice domestic violence case has opened a belated discussion on how professional sports enable crap behavior in their athletes, and the private horror of domestic violence for its victims. But in the flurry of firings and bannings and panel appointings in the NFL, one professional sports… »9/19/14 12:20pm9/19/14 12:20pm

Hope Solo Is Sorry About That Whole 'Domestic Violence' Thing

This past weekend, professional soccer player and US women's national team standout Hope Solo was arrested for allegedly drunkenly attacking her sister and 17-year-old nephew, after telling the teen he was too fat to be an athlete. Yesterday, she posted a Facebook note to the fans indicating that she's sups sorry. »6/27/14 11:50am6/27/14 11:50am

Hope Solo's Domestic Abuse Hearing: Nephew Says He Pulled a Gun on Her

Hope Solo's hearing for alleged domestic violence kicked off today in my hometown (wooooo!—eeerrrghh...), and the details that have emerged are pretty terrible so far. According to police, Solo's 17-year-old nephew said that his aunt showed up at the house, apparently intoxicated, then called him a fat pussy and… »6/23/14 8:00pm6/23/14 8:00pm

Hope Solo Goes on a Twitter Rant About Commentator Brandi Chastain’s Soccer Ignorance

Noted libertine and soccer player Hope Solo took issue with the way soccer commentator Brandi Chastain criticized the U.S. Women's soccer team's apparently porous defense. Solo did what all vociferous famous people do when they need a suitable podium for their outrage — she fired-off a series of scathing tweets, the… »7/29/12 11:55pm7/29/12 11:55pm

Hope Solo Says that the Olympic Village Is Just a Giant, Booze-Fueled Orgy for Super Fit People

Here's yet another reason to get excited about the fast-approaching summer games: the Olympic Village, according to one Olympian, is really just a "frat party with a really nice gene pool," filled with people who can probably do all crazy kinds of sex tricks with their nimble bodies. »7/12/12 11:55pm7/12/12 11:55pm

Vogue Fails Miserably at Capturing the Athleticism of Olympic Athletes

Hot on the heels of making a pledge to be "ambassadors for the message of healthy body image," Vogue has made its June issue the Olympic edition, complete with Olympians on its cover. Sounds great, right? You might think this is a great chance to showcase the bodies of these athletes in action, to prove that powerful,… »5/29/12 10:00am5/29/12 10:00am

Nancy Grace Has Tits, And Other Things We Learned From The DWTS Premiere

This season of Dancing With The Stars arrived with much anticipation, and more importantly, speculation: Will the audience "boo" Chaz Bono? Will David Arquette be acting crazy? With there be Kardashians in attendance? Will Nancy Grace display a little of what her last name implies she has? (Well, no, but her breasts… »9/20/11 11:00am9/20/11 11:00am