Your Evening Cry: How We Wish History Had Gone Down

If you're ready to cry into your evening bowl of ice cream bon bons, grab all the Kleenex ever made, and get into this Anti-Defamation League video. It imagines a world that still has Martin Luther King, Anne Frank, Matthew Shepard, and many other wonderful souls because it's a world without hate crimes. I'm… » 3/21/13 10:15pm 3/21/13 10:15pm

Is This The HIV-Prevention Pill?

Major breakthrough: In a study conducted on a group of 2,500 high-risk gay men, researchers found that taking a daily dose of HIV-treatment drugs may actually help to prevent contracting the virus by as much as 70%. » 11/23/10 10:26am 11/23/10 10:26am

Obama's "It Gets Better" Video

President Obama has released a video supporting Dan Savage's It Gets Better Project in which he urges troubled kids to reach out to adults and says, "We've got to dispel the myth that bullying is a normal rite of passage." » 10/22/10 10:55am 10/22/10 10:55am

Awesome Video Project Shows Gay Youth "It Gets Better"

Although Dan Savage's "Masturbate to Christine O'Donnell Day" is a questionable idea, we love his It Gets Better Project, in which he reaches out to LGBT kids to "show them what the future may hold in store for them." » 9/23/10 6:08pm 9/23/10 6:08pm

Americans Have Audacity To Be Less Hopeful In 2009

Hope campaigned hard for a comeback this year, but in a CNN poll of 1,160 Americans only 51 percent said they're hopeful for the world, down from 68 percent in 1999. Are you optimistic about the next decade? [CNN] » 12/31/09 12:45pm 12/31/09 12:45pm