Tinder Is Dead

Last Monday, on the night of the blizzard that talked a big talk but then never came, I was batting around an idea, one of many that had to do with the dating app Tinder, with my colleague Sam. » 2/04/15 3:25pm 2/04/15 3:25pm

This Robot Maximizes Your Chance of Finding Love on Tinder

Tinder is a great way to find hookups romance near you, but it still relies on you and your potential partner finding each other mutually attractive. Since you can't always rely on that, why not boost your odds—say, with a robotic finger that can "like" up to 900 Tinderers per hour? » 9/07/14 5:35pm 9/07/14 5:35pm

Hide Your Good Snacks and Other Rules for How to Have Casual Sex

BARFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, I hate new sex. And I know it's a thing (maybe a sitcom thing?) to bitch about having to do a fake porn moan under the same sweaty, hairy, disgusting meatsack of a pre-corpse you've been holding your farts in under for the last five or 10 or 15 years or whatever, but I don't even care: I WANT THAT. » 1/10/14 1:30pm 1/10/14 1:30pm

Are You Sure You Want an Orgasm EVERY Time?

Recently we learned that just on a purely live-tonight-sold-out, standing-room only hookup-basis, women are less likely to get off than men. Most of us were like, no duuhhh. But the question I want answered is how much do we actually care? This is not a trick question. » 11/20/13 12:40pm 11/20/13 12:40pm

Sex Yelp: New App Lets Ladies Anonymously Rate and Review Hookups

We're hurtling towards the future, y'all, and if you aren't holding on to your cowboy hats you better start now, because the world of hooking up is morphing into a gigantic, horny mass of wires and cell phones, and nothing, I mean nothing, is safe. Even if you're hooking up in a yurt in Bhutan or something, so long… » 6/13/13 4:45pm 6/13/13 4:45pm

The Popularity of Mobile Dating Apps Is Creating a Glut of Euphemisms…

Dating apps for mobile devices — your modern-day whozits and whatzits galore — are replicating faster than that super alpha bird flu from Contagion, which means that news outlets have a journalistic obligation to chronicle the latest dating trend, as well as tiptoe around the apparently indelicate issue of casual sex. » 8/20/12 10:25am 8/20/12 10:25am

The Internet Reveals that Early Summer Is Definitely the Sexiest Time…

It's take a new study to determine when Americans are the most sexed-up, but now we finally know thanks to the infinite record book that is our beloved Internet — Americans are most eager for sexy times in the early months of summer. Oh, and around the holidays. And once for the entire month of March back in 2008… » 8/02/12 11:55pm 8/02/12 11:55pm

Science Says Sexting Isn’t Weird or Anything

Researchers at the University of Michigan have figured out that sexting isn't the deviant act of exhibtionism old people who remember the age of typewriters and phonographs seem to think it is. It's just, like, how young folks these days are exploring their sexuality. » 7/26/12 11:55pm 7/26/12 11:55pm

‘Weed Dating’ Is the Biggest Conceptual Letdown You May Ever Read About

The phrase "weed dating" probably strikes a particular chord in your lexicon — the chord that wants to get stoned and go to a fondue restaurant with a particularly good conversationalist. Or go sit in your local aquarium's IMAX theater and watch the latest iteration of a 45-minute movie about the bottom of the ocean.… » 7/15/12 11:55pm 7/15/12 11:55pm

For College Women, Dating Could Be Worse Than Hooking Up

When researchers asked college students to talk about a hookup scenario, they learned that "hookup culture" isn't nearly as male-dominated as many claim. And in some ways, dating may actually be worse for women. » 10/04/11 3:00pm 10/04/11 3:00pm

You Can Get Laid Without Being A Jerk

A letter to my brother, and all his college friends:
College is awesome, right? No parents, no curfew, no rules, and there are girls everywhere. It is an alcohol-fueled, school-spirit-enhanced buffet of ladies, and it's hard not to want to sample everything on the menu. So you should! » 9/28/11 1:30pm 9/28/11 1:30pm

What It's Like To Be Aggressively Licked

Welcome to Great Moments in Drunken Hookup Failure, where we showcase five heartwarming true stories of drunken love gone horribly awry. This week, we've got the Sarah Connor mental ward treatment and an oatmeal handjob. And away we go. [Deadspin] » 6/17/11 5:18pm 6/17/11 5:18pm

Your Bestest Shitfaced Stories

We asked you to tell us about your most memorable moments on the sauce, and several hundred of you responded. So much vomiting! So much collapsing! And so much quality writing. Good job, everyone. Without further ado, our ten favorites. » 1/08/11 1:00pm 1/08/11 1:00pm

College Girl's PowerPoint "Fuck List" Goes Viral

Duke is in an uproar about a highly detailed "fuck list" that a recent female graduate made — in PowerPoint, complete with penis-size evaluations and dirty talk transcripts. We've got that document, and spoke exclusively to the now-contrite author. » 9/30/10 3:00pm 9/30/10 3:00pm

Study Confirms Your Awful Suspicions About Men And Dating

"Scientists have discovered that men, when deciding on who to date, really do make a decision based on a woman's curvy body, not her face, let alone her wit or brains." And yes, it gets worse from there. » 9/15/10 11:30am 9/15/10 11:30am

Yes, Reader, You Can Find Love After All Those One-Night Stands!

A new study finds that — shocker — people who have casual hookups aren't destroying their chance of long-term relationship. But that hasn't stopped the slut police. » 8/24/10 6:58pm 8/24/10 6:58pm

What's The Dumbest Thing You've Done To Get Laid?

Because women do stupid shit for sex, too. Because it's not always that simple. Because you want a free sex toy. Tell us your story: What's the weirdest thing you've done in hopes of getting some? I'll start: » 6/18/10 2:00pm 6/18/10 2:00pm