Baby Rufio Cosplay Validates The Entire Concept Of Procreation

Bang-A-Rang-yelling Baby Rufio from Hook is absolutely the cutest cosplayer we've spotted at Comic-Con thus far. All other babies should go home. » 7/26/14 2:24pm 7/26/14 2:24pm

It's the Dowager Countess, er, Maggie Smith's Birthday!

Ladies, my afternoon tea today will be in celebration of the life and acting career of Maggie Smith. The Brit, born on December 28, 1934, is 79 years old and she has given us fabulous characters like Hook's Granny Wendy, Gunilla Garson Goldberg of The First Wives' Club, Mother Superior from Sister Act, and Professor… » 12/28/13 2:30pm 12/28/13 2:30pm


The latest in a series of completely awesome remixes (including this Alice In Wonderland mix, which is great) made from movie sound bites, "Bangarang" re-imagines the film Hook as a slightly trippy techno adventure through Neverland. [Via ONTD] » 8/30/09 6:45pm 8/30/09 6:45pm