Husband Of Pakistani Woman Stoned to Death Murdered His First Wife

Last week, the horrible story broke of Farzana Parveen, the 25-year-old Pakistani woman who was stoned to death by relatives outside of a courthouse in broad daylight for marrying for love rather than agreeing to an arranged marriage with her cousin. If you thought this story couldn't get any worse, you were wrong. »6/02/14 11:00am6/02/14 11:00am

Anne Frank Was A Bossy BFF • Honor Killings Rise In Southern Iraqi City

• In her book My Name is Anne, She Said, Anne Frank Jacqueline Van Maarsen, Anne Frank's best friend, claims that the noted diarist and Holocaust victim was an extroverted girl who made bossy demands on their friendship. • The Iranian government will set up marriage bureaus to help Iranians find suitable husbands and… »12/01/08 5:30pm12/01/08 5:30pm

"Honor Killings" In Western Pakistan Spark Parliamentary Protests

Newspapers across the world are beginning to report on a spate of "honor killings" »9/02/08 9:30am9/02/08 9:30am that were perpetrated in the rural Balochistan province of Pakistan in July. According to , the five women — three of whom were teens — were buried alive as punishment for "willfulness." The that they were killed "after the women…

"Love Has To Be Calculated In Iraq Today... They Think Women Are Machines"

Iraq is not an easy place to do much of anything these days, but perhaps most tragically, it is an impossible place to love, which is to say, "someone else." Shia men married to Sunni women are regularly forced to divorce their wives, and vice versa. Rand Abdel-Qader was beaten to death by her father and brothers for… »6/04/08 2:00pm6/04/08 2:00pm

Mom Who Fled Her Honor Killing Husband In Basra Shot Down On Street; How You Can Help

For weeks the story of the lovelorn Basra teenager who was beaten to death by her father and brothers in a crime met with high-fives and applause by the local law enforcement authorities has…well, gone relatively unnoticed in the Western press, perhaps because it's so fucking depressing. And now it's over. Layla… »6/02/08 12:30pm6/02/08 12:30pm

Welcome To Basra, Where Beating Your Daughter To Death Gets You High-Fived By Cops

There are no photos of 17-year-old Rand Abdel-Qader or "Paul," the British soldier she fell in love with, so this will have to do, as it's an image we have probably all probably allowed to enter our hippocampuses when the teenage infatuation reaches such a crescendo it starts to seem impossible that it won't end… »5/12/08 5:00pm5/12/08 5:00pm

Women's Rights Have Fallen By The Wayside In U.S. Plan For Iraq

At this point we can all agree that the sloppily-violent current situation in Iraq is such a Sisyphusean, multifaceted mess that it's hard to know which way is up — which decisions have positive effects, who's winning in this scenario and who's losing. What's clear is that across the board women are not doing so hot.… »4/07/08 4:20pm4/07/08 4:20pm

Is It Awful To Hope That Jennifer Lopez Is Expecting A Boy?

  • Daughters born to women with "wide, round hips" are more vulnerable to breast cancer? Jesus. Researchers hypothesize that "wide round hips reflect high levels of sex hormone production at puberty, which persist after puberty and adversely affect breast development of the daughters in early gestation." [Science Daily]
  • »10/08/07 6:00pm10/08/07 6:00pm

Pregnant And Smoking? You're Probably Depressed... Or Famous

  • Catherine Zeta Jones is not alone! More than one in ten pregnant women smoke, reports the AP (via MSNBC), and research suggests that many of those women suffer from depression, making quitting even more difficult. A Columbia University epidemiologist, tracked more than 1,500 pregnant women, and "22 percent smoked at…
  • »9/10/07 5:00pm9/10/07 5:00pm