Pakistani Family Threatened For Refusing To Kill Daughter Who Was Raped

Kainat Soomro says that when she was 13, she was kidnapped and gang raped. The authorities won't prosecute the case, but that's isn't even her biggest problem. Her family was expected to commit an honor killing, but instead they tried to help her prosecute the rapists. Now they're being attacked and getting death… »9/28/11 11:53pm9/28/11 11:53pm

Nudie Text Censored At Texas High; Barbie Jumps On The Green Bandwagon

Officials at a Texas high school have their panties in a twist about nude pictures of women in the background of a German textbook. They will either ban the book or put a sticker over the naughty bits. • More banning! This time across the globe in India, some Hindu groups want to ban the Mike Meyers/ Jessica Alba film »5/13/08 5:30pm5/13/08 5:30pm