Don't Want to Get Raped? Just Don't Drink, Says Hong Kong Official

Yo, women, I don't understand why we have to keep having this conversation. It's simple: If you don't want to have your life violently rearranged by the horror of rape, you just need to pre-rearrange everything in your life, severely limiting your movements and self-expression, so as to avoid ever letting your guard… »5/15/13 3:25pm5/15/13 3:25pm

Hong Kong Women Are Dying From a Mysterious 'Beauty' Treatment Intended for Cancer Patients

One of four Hong Kong women hospitalized for septic shock after a cosmetic treatment typically administered to terminal cancer patients has died, prompting Hong Kong's health department to reexamine the currently lax laws that make it difficult for women to tell the difference between legit medical procedures and… »10/10/12 12:05pm10/10/12 12:05pm

Flight Attendant Photographed Performing Alleged Mid-Flight Oral Sex on Pilot

A series of pixellated, blurry photos that show a woman in a flight attendant's uniform performing mid-flight oral sex on a pilot have prompted a full investigation by the woman's employer. After that airplane themed verse in N.E.R.D's "Lapdance," it was really only a matter of time. In fact, I'm surprised it didn't… »8/07/11 11:29am8/07/11 11:29am

Someone In Hong Kong Hasn't Yet Learned The Hard Way About Frying Bacon Topless

Model Flora Cheung has no culinary training and no previous experience hosting a cooking show, but she does have breasts and a see thru apron and a set and a crew, and so obviously what must happen now is she get her own cooking show in Hong Kong. Optimistic individuals involved with the show believe that the show's… »2/12/11 6:00pm2/12/11 6:00pm