NFL Warns Falcons That They Won't Get To Host A Super Bowl If Georgia Passes Anti-Gay Bill

Georgia House Bill 757 is a new bit of “religious freedom” legislation currently in the late stages of the approval process that would prevent the government from penalizing organizations that deny “social, educational or charitable services that violate such faith-based organization’s sincerely held religious…

Trump Voters in South Carolina Want to Ban Both Muslims and Gays From Entering the Country 

The traveling cavalcade of bullshit known as primary season moved to South Carolina this week, where Trump voters continue to come up with new reasons for the rest of us to say we’re Canadian when traveling abroad. This time: a new poll shows that 31% of them would back a ban on homosexuals entering the United States.

Rikers Guards Accused of 'Viciously' Beating Up Gay Man For Kissing His Boyfriend

Last May, Thomas Hamm, a gay man, visited his partner at New York City’s Rikers Island. After the two men kissed in the visitor’s room, he claims guards called him a “faggot” and beat him up—resulting in fractured bones and head trauma. This week—nearly 18 months later—Lambda Legal announced they have filed suit…

Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden Both Gave Pro Transgender Rights Speeches This Weekend

On Saturday, at a Washington breakfast hosted by the Human Rights Campaign, Vice President Joe Biden and prospective President Hillary Clinton both gave impassioned speeches in support of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans—and our stalwart veep managed to squeeze in a rock solid republican diss, too.