Gifts for the Murderous Fashion Fiend

From Zoolander to The Devil Wears Prada, pop culture has cast hardcore fashion people as sadistic, unapologetic, demanding monsters. While that’s not totally true overall, they can be awfully hard to please during the gifting season, if only because they have everything and are over it. If you can’t afford to buy out… »11/20/15 4:20pm11/20/15 4:20pm


Report: Mississippi College Professor Suspected of Gunning Down Girlfriend, Romantic Rival

A geography professor at Mississippi’s Delta State University is suspected of gunning down his girlfriend as well as one of his colleagues. Shannon Lamb has been named as a person of interest in the death of Ethan Schmidt, an assistant professor of American history shot to death in his office on Monday morning. Police… »9/14/15 4:26pm9/14/15 4:26pm

Police: 'Ritualistic' Florida Triple Murder Was Tied to Blue Moon

Police in Florida’s Escambia County say a woman and her adult sons who were murdered on July 28 were the victims of a “ritualistic killing” tied to the blue moon. Voncile Smith, 77, was killed in her home, along with her sons, 49-year-old Richard Smith and 47-year-old John Smith. Investigators also say they’ve… »8/05/15 9:30am8/05/15 9:30am

Brooklyn Gallery Owner Thought Grisly Murder Was Pretty Cool

One thing people like to do is reminisce about “old” New York and how much better it was seven/ten/20/80 years ago, or whenever they first arrived. And it was! New York is objectively bad now. But there’s an art to reminiscing, if you will, a good way to do it and the way Edward Zipco just chose. Oh, you don’t know… »6/19/15 4:15pm6/19/15 4:15pm

Holy Shit, Now Oscar Pistorius’ Brother Carl Is Facing Homicide Charges

Amid a stampede of fleeing sponsors, Oscar Pistorius was granted bail on Friday, which seemed to settle the Pistorius murder trial drama for the weekend. There is, however, yet another new twist in the Pistorius family saga — Oscar's brother has now been charged with culpable homicide for a 2008 road death, according… »2/24/13 12:30pm2/24/13 12:30pm

CBS News has noticed something others have been saying for months: missing women of color don't get

CBS News has noticed something others have been saying for months: missing women of color don't get any press. "When Laci Peterson became the symbol of maternal homicide in the mass media and in the law put a white face on the horrendous crime of maternal homicide," Lindsay Goldwert writes for CBS, "In… »4/11/08 6:30pm4/11/08 6:30pm