Cops Investigating 'Sex Sounds' Find Man Making Love to a Mattress

Martin Gregory Coll, a 52-year-old from Derry, Northern Ireland was arrested on Saturday after he was caught doing the dirty with a Serta* in the parking lot of an assisted-living center. He couldn't hear the officers approaching because the porn on his handheld DVD player was apparently at the highest volume setting. » 8/26/14 5:50pm 8/26/14 5:50pm

State Rep 'Fixes' Homelessness by Smashing Homeless People's Stuff

Hawaii State Representative Tom Brower is plum fed up with homeless people, all homelessing around on the streets not having homes, right out there where good homeful people can see them. It's like, UGH, why don't they just go ho—er, um, nm. Fortunately for everyone (oh, except for the victims of the social travesty… » 11/19/13 3:15pm 11/19/13 3:15pm

College Student Behind 'Hobojacket' Prank Apologizes, Jeopardizing…

One of the MIT students behind the non-hilarious idea to "prank" rival schools by giving homeless people clothing festooned with enemy logos (because get it? Poor people are worthless, just like USC) has had a change of heart and written a self-flagellating apology that's just about as sorry-sounding as an apology can… » 11/29/12 2:10pm 11/29/12 2:10pm

Jackass MIT Students Give Rival College Gear to Homeless People as a…

Well, here's some serious bullshit in the form of college kid "shenanigans." Hobojacket, a website where you can donate jackets from rival schools to homeless people, was started by MIT students Jin Pan and Cathie Yun one night as a joke. You see, Pan loves to josh with his friends about one day getting rich and… » 11/28/12 1:40pm 11/28/12 1:40pm

Homeless Man Found Living Inside Ann Curry's Home

Ann Curry's $2.9 million-dollar Upper West Side townhouse has been a point of much debate since she bought the "fixer upper" over eight years ago: first, they pissed off their neighbors with majorly disruptive construction. After building code violations, lawsuits, and noise complaints from their neighbors, Curry and… » 8/15/11 10:55am 8/15/11 10:55am

Even Beauty Queens Can Become Homeless

One month after being crowned Miss Colorado USA, Blair Griffith and her mother were evicted from their home and have been living with a family friend. The 23-year-old was on Today this morning to share her experience, and tell others that anyone is susceptible to falling into similar circumstances, as she's made… » 2/25/11 11:45am 2/25/11 11:45am

A Day Of Transitions For Everyone!

  • Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius has removed her name from Cabinet consideration. [The Hill]
  • New York Governor David Paterson wants to be your next President because "Once you go black, you don't go back." [Politico]
  • Fred Thompson is so cheap that he's renting his apartment out for the inauguration. [Huffington Post]
  • » 12/08/08 6:40pm 12/08/08 6:40pm