High School Dance Proposals Are Getting Weirder and Weirder

Homecoming, whether you like it or not, is here. It’s the first formal dance of a new school year in which a teen is given the chance to experience a sweaty slow dance with the current object of their affection. Perhaps even, some backseat dry-humping. Two teenagers from Illinois decided to go the extra mile and ask… »9/30/15 10:45pm9/30/15 10:45pm

Your Most Embarrassing Moment at a Middle or High School Dance

As a rule, middle and high school are the most embarrassing times of a person’s life and school dances are where we experience the worst of it. Not only are we expected to move our awkward growing bodies in a way that’s deemed acceptable and graceful by other humans, but we’re also risking awkward boners, romantic… »4/10/15 8:40pm4/10/15 8:40pm

We Suffered Through the Drake Concert Documentary That Drake Hates

Perhaps to be a famous rapper these days is to invariably end up a punchline. Kanye, Wayne, Rick Ross, Big Sean; entire subgenres of humor, Twitter memes and jokes are attached to all of them. Fame requires celebrities to possess more emotional stamina than the rest of us on a good day, but I don't think any of these… »3/19/15 4:45pm3/19/15 4:45pm

California High School Awesomely Crowns Trans Girl Homecoming Queen

Homecoming events aren’t just opportunities for creepy alums to revisit their old schools and watch high school kids play football. Sometimes, homecoming can be an opportunity to demonstrate a level of inclusion and tolerance high school (in general) isn’t exactly known for. That’s what happened at Marina High… »9/21/13 5:30pm9/21/13 5:30pm

Inside The Weird Texas Tradition of Enormous Homecoming Corsages

High school students in Texas have developed a tradition of wearing elaborate, ever-larger floral pins to their homecoming dances. These pins — many bigger than a dinner plate and covered in artificial flowers, ribbons, and even stuffed animals — are known as mums. Texas-based photographer Nancy Newberry has a series »12/06/12 4:50pm12/06/12 4:50pm

The Only Question You Need to Answer This Thanksgiving Is: Where’s the Best Spot to Smoke Weed in Your Hometown?

Jeremy Renner graced Saturday Night Live's living sketchbook last night, and the good news is that he wore a sleeveless shirt. The bad news? He didn't do his killer Jeffrey Dahmer impression, which, according to an NPR interview I heard this one time, is the whole reason Renner was considered for The Hurt Locker. »11/18/12 12:00pm11/18/12 12:00pm

The title of homecoming queen usually goes to the Regina Georges of the world, but one Texas high sc
The title of homecoming queen usually goes to the Regina Georges of the world, but one Texas high school has crowned the right girl. Kristen Pass, 18, who was born with Down syndrome, was named homecoming queen on Friday night during half-time at Aledo High School football stadium. Kristen was one of three chosen from… »10/14/08 6:40pm10/14/08 6:40pm

More Disappointments For Amanda On The Paper

Last night on The Paper, the kids got ready for Homecoming. Adam (whose dance and shirt in this clip is amazing) triumphed over the football jock by winning Homecoming King. And Amanda was asked to the dance by a kid from the Latin Club, only to be let down after he got grounded and was forced to back out. Seriously,… »5/20/08 11:00am5/20/08 11:00am