The Sriracha Factory Might Be Closing, but You Can Make Your Own!

Sick and tired of essentially living inside a giant cloud of pepper spray, residents of Irwindale, CA petitioned to have the Huy Fong Foods factory (makers of Sriracha) shut down until they can regulate their fumes. Yesterday, city officials filed suit. A judge will decide on Thursday whether or not to grant the order. » 10/30/13 1:30pm 10/30/13 1:30pm

Why Should Home Cooking Be Women's Work?

"Yes, it's feminism we have to thank for the spread of fast-food chains and an epidemic of childhood obesity." How, you ask? Why, the (supposed) death of home cooking! » 9/20/10 5:42pm 9/20/10 5:42pm

Woman Tries To Save Foreclosed Home With Delicious Cornbread

Beverly Davis' Georgia house was foreclosed on after she lost her job, but now she hopes to win it back when it's auctioned through her "Cornbread Career"; She's raising money by selling cornbread mixes and an e-book of recipes online. » 7/29/10 1:27pm 7/29/10 1:27pm

Cooking School

Ruth Reichl:"There's all this pessimism that people aren't going to cook...I just don't believe that...That people want to spend less time cooking sometimes doesn't negate the fact that people are cooking recreationally in a way they haven't before." [PW] » 8/18/09 6:20pm 8/18/09 6:20pm

Milky Way

In response to PETA's request that Ben & Jerry's start using breast milk for their ice cream, Vice Magazine bloggers decided to taste test some breast milk cupcakes (NSFW). The results? Apparently, delicious! [Vice] » 3/03/09 1:20pm 3/03/09 1:20pm