Statistics professor challenges midwives' math on home birth safety

Recently a group of midwives published a paper about birth outcomes for home births, which seemed to indicate home birth is as safe as hospital birth. A skeptic blog got a statistics professor to analyze the paper, and came up with very different results. Check them both out! » 2/26/14 3:09pm 2/26/14 3:09pm

Home Births Are Actually Kind of Dangerous

Now that Ricki Lake made it seem empowering and supermodels made it seem chic, home births are experiencing a spike in popularity. But a second look at a previous study—that is often used by home birth advocates to support their claims that the practice is just as safe as hospital births—reveals that the perinatal… » 6/25/12 5:30pm 6/25/12 5:30pm

All Birthing Options Come To The Same Horrible Conclusion

With the rise in popularity of both home births and epidurals, there's been considerable debate about the pros and cons of natural delivery versus a medically-assisted one. It's great that we have more options beyond the standard-issue labor and delivery route, but let's face it: The decision is about which way you'd… » 7/13/11 3:38pm 7/13/11 3:38pm