Liberace Will FINALLY Tour as a Hologram

Lovers of camp, rejoice! Liberace, your grandmother's most bedazzled and misguided crush, will be touring the U.S. for the first time since his death in 1987. This time as a hologram. » 1/20/15 3:00pm 1/20/15 3:00pm

Lawyers Are Fighting Over a Hologram of Poor Dead Marilyn Monroe

Here is your surreal legal fight of the day: "Virtual Marilyn LLC," a company which owns " a computer-generated virtual actress adopting the persona of Marilyn Monroe," is suing The Estate of Marilyn Monroe, essentially demanding they shove off and quit interfering with their hologram. » 10/02/14 5:40pm 10/02/14 5:40pm

How Long Can You Listen to this Men's Rights Anthem Before You Tear…

God, you guys, you know what sucks? How men are responsible for all human achievement (except, uh, actually making other humans) and women just shit all over them. But now, thankfully, the Men's Rights movement has found a musical prophet fit to deliver the message that men are fed up with the rampant abuse from the… » 4/16/12 4:00pm 4/16/12 4:00pm

Fashion Show Featuring Holograms Clearly Bad

A Target fashion show featuring holograms sounded fucking awesome. Hello, Jem! Best '80s cartoon ever! Target had promised to use holograms instead of models to preview their designer collaborators current collections. Isaac Mizrahi, Liz Lange, Erin Fetherston, Mossimo, Keanan Duffty, and Dominique Cohen were all… » 11/06/07 4:30pm 11/06/07 4:30pm