The Screenwriter for New Biopic of Sufi Poet and Mystic Rumi Wants to Cast...Leonardo DiCaprio

Oscar-winning screenwriter David Franzoni created Gladiator, and now he’s writing the story of a man who battled within the arena of his own mind. The Muslim poet and scholar Rumi lived in 13th century Afghanistan, then the outskirts of the Persian Empire; he is still well beloved, and soon his life will be on the big…

The Lead Role in Girlboss, the Netflix Show About Sophia Amoruso, Is Described as an 'Anarchist' 

As previously reported, Netflix is turning Nasty Gal founder and former CEO Sophia Amoruso’s autobiography #Girlboss into a 13-episode comedy series, one that will likely not dwell on the layoffs and reported dysfunction—including the alleged firing of several pregnant employees—faced by the company in recent years.

Elijah Wood on Child Predators in Hollywood: 'If You Can Imagine It, It's Probably Happened'

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Elijah Wood “said that organized sexual abuse of children in Hollywood is rife.” Wood, now 35, did not claim to be a victim of abuse while beginning his career as a child actor, but shared that “many of his peers were regularly ‘preyed upon’” at parties his mother prevented him…


Just About All of Hollywood Might Boycott Georgia If Governor Doesn't Veto Anti-Gay Bill 

A bill passed by the Georgia legislature that would allow “discrimination against LGBT people and others by citing religious beliefs” is currently sitting on the desk of the state’s governor, Nathan Deal. But if he signs it, nearly all of Hollywood’s biggest studios—including Disney, Marvel, and Viacom—plan on…