The Star of that 'Drunk Girl in Public' Video Says She Was Tricked Too

Remember that video about the "drunk girl" getting propositioned by men on the street that went viral last week? Well, the entire thing has been unraveling quicker than that ugly sweater my grandma made me for Hanukkah once. Turns out the "drunk girl" was "duped "into the video. Just like the dudes. Just so some… » 11/18/14 7:00pm 11/18/14 7:00pm

Was TrappedAtMyDesk, the Tragic Brain Cancer Victim, Another Web Hoax?

Regular denizens of these parts surely remember a recent installment of "Your Evening Cry" that we subtitled "A Life Told Through Twitter"—it was a subtle, lingering gut-punch of a video that chronicled (via a slideshow of her Twitter feed) a woman named Amanda's tragic battle with brain cancer. The story was… » 2/07/14 5:40pm 2/07/14 5:40pm

Ignore This Dumb Facebook Hoax--the HPV Vaccine is NOT Deadly

I'm not sure what drags fear-mongering garbage memes like this 2009-vintage "Developer of Gardasil Admits that Vaccine Is Basically Just Bubonic Plague" hoax back from the dead every couple of years, but there it is, going around and around on my Facebook feed again today. Because this apparently needs to be said:… » 11/13/13 8:30pm 11/13/13 8:30pm

Jacintha Saldanha’s Body Returns to India and the BBC Cancels Prank…

The body of Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse who apparently killed herself over a prank phone call from two hapless Australian DJs looking to get details about Kate Middleton's pregnancy, is being escorted from the UK to Mangalore, India today by Saldanha's husband and two children. According to the BBC, the burial will… » 12/16/12 4:00pm 12/16/12 4:00pm

That Story About The Poop Tattoo Is A Load Of Crap

Some crazy tale involving a boyfriend, a cheating girlfriend, Narnia and a poo-tattoo has gone viral, with lots of media outlets claiming that some dude inked shit on his ladyfriend's back when he found out she was cheating. But! The Smoking Gun reports that the story is "Fake. Fake. Fake." Let your friends know.… » 11/29/11 6:10pm 11/29/11 6:10pm

Woman Steals Facebook Baby Pics, Tells Ex The Child Is His

We all have a friend who uploads an excessive amount of baby photos to Facebook, and one woman in Wales found a use for them. Unfortunately, it was incredibly dishonest and cruel. Victoria Jones took baby photos from her friend's Facebook page, uploaded them to her own page, and concocted an elaborate story for her… » 9/22/11 11:09pm 9/22/11 11:09pm