H&M Balmaniacs Throwing Bows to Dress Up Like Kylie Jenner In the Club

Did you hear about the time shoppers around the world practically resorted to fisticuffs in order to dress up like a luxurious embroidered Olivier Rousteing avatar? This morning H&M’s Balmain collaboration went on sale and predictably resulted in a fashion melee between warring Kardashian stans and enterprising eBay… »11/05/15 4:20pm11/05/15 4:20pm

Here Are Purported Photos of Balmain's Collaboration with H&M

Olivier Rousteing’s Balmain reign has been steadily motoring toward this peak, when his garments are seen on the Kardashian-Jenners and Cookie Lyon and coveted by New York cool gals and Vegas clubbers alike. (Last November, he took Rihanna to her first vogue ball; this October, he’s featured in the New Yorker.) If H&M… »10/08/15 4:22pm10/08/15 4:22pm

H&M Sister Brand Shoots Fall Campaign With Transgender Models and Team

& Other Stories, the sister store to mass retailer H&M, just launched their fall campaign which stars transgender models Hari Nef and Valentijn De Hingh. The photoshoot was also produced by a team made up of creatives who identify as transgender, including photographer Amos Mac, stylist Love Bailey and makeup artist… »8/15/15 6:30pm8/15/15 6:30pm

H&M Is Breaking Into Beauty

The beauty industry racks up tens of billions of dollars in the US alone, and H&M is looking to get a bite of that: starting in September, the fast-fashion retailer will begin carrying house brand beauty products, spanning everything from primers to lipsticks to nail polishes with an initial launch of 700 pieces,… »5/12/15 11:30am5/12/15 11:30am

H&M's Coachella Line is Everything Wrong with 'Coachella Style'

Fashion, at its best, is about fantasy. And at its worst—it's about that, too. It fails in the moments where the concept of something supersedes its functionality, its aesthetic merit, or both. Fantasy, if half-baked and gestural, can be fashion's undoing. This is nowhere more apparent than in H&M's recently released »3/24/15 5:32pm3/24/15 5:32pm