H&M's Coachella Line is Everything Wrong with 'Coachella Style'

Fashion, at its best, is about fantasy. And at its worst—it's about that, too. It fails in the moments where the concept of something supersedes its functionality, its aesthetic merit, or both. Fantasy, if half-baked and gestural, can be fashion's undoing. This is nowhere more apparent than in H&M's recently released » 3/24/15 5:10pm Tuesday 5:10pm

H&M Previews New Coachella Collection, World Collapses In on Itself

H&M, in its sixth year as a sponsor for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, is rolling out a "cobranded" line of men's and women's merchandise called H&M Loves Coachella. Isn't capitalism fun, you guys? » 2/16/15 12:10pm 2/16/15 12:10pm

Idiot Loses $10K Engagement Ring After Leaving It in a Dressing Room

Here's a piece of engagement advice you really shouldn't need: Do not take off your $10,000 engagement ring. Definitely do not take it off in a H&M dressing room. And whatever you do, for the love of God, do not walk off and leave it in the dressing room. » 4/10/14 7:45pm 4/10/14 7:45pm

H&M Is Selling a $100 Wedding Dress

On the heels of the wedding romper comes another way to very tepidly rebel against the wedding-industrial complex: this H&M wedding dress, which costs £59.99 (around $100). It'll be available in stores next month! » 3/07/14 1:15pm 3/07/14 1:15pm

Robyn Lawley Would Prefer You Not Label Her a 'Plus Size' Model

Robyn Lawley has been getting noticed lately as a fresh face in plus-size modeling, appearing in ads for Chantelle, Barneys New York and Mango's new plus-size line. But actually, she'd prefer that everyone stop calling her a plus-size model. » 1/24/14 5:15pm 1/24/14 5:15pm

H&M Touts New Sportswear With Fierce Parkour Video

H&M just debuted a new sportswear collection. To promote it, the company rounded up a bunch of terrifyingly talented freerunners to dash through London, flipping and jumping and generally intimidating the hell out of everyone. At one point, a pair actually dashes up the side of an escalator. » 1/17/14 1:10pm 1/17/14 1:10pm

SNL’s H&M Music Video Is Perfect

Yes, H&M offers really cheap clothes, but, as this video demonstrates, the experience of shopping at an H&M is one of wading through piles of clothes on the floor, feeling your blood vessels constrict under pressure from tiny jeans, and watching your new purchase disintegrate in the washing machine. » 12/15/13 12:30pm 12/15/13 12:30pm

You Might Have to Pay More at H&M So Workers Can Get Better Wages

Yesterday H&M announced that it may raise clothing prices in the future in order to pay better wages to some of the textile workers it employs, most of whom are the worst-paid in the world. » 12/10/13 4:40pm 12/10/13 4:40pm

Here's Gisele Bundchen Breathily Singing a Rock 'n' Roll Classic

To launch the summer 2013 collection, H&M hired Beyoncé to model and sing. Now, for fall, the retailer has hired Gisele Bundchen. Of course, these days, it's just not enough to be a beautiful leggy supermodel: H&M asked Gisele to sing, too. She's not bad! True, the Kinks' "All Day and All of the Night" is a wee bit… » 9/03/13 3:40pm 9/03/13 3:40pm

H&M's Online Shop Is Live, But the Plus Size Options Suck

H&M promised to launch online shopping in the U.S. in August, and here it is, the first day of the month, and the online shop is open. Here's what you'll find: » 8/01/13 1:20pm 8/01/13 1:20pm

Hallelujah: Americans Will Finally Be Able to Shop at H&M Online

Praise the Goddess of Fast Fashion: After operating here for 13 years, hip, affordable Swedish retailer H&M is finally going to offer online shopping to those of us in the U.S. » 7/29/13 4:00pm 7/29/13 4:00pm

Many Clothing Stores Have Zilch for the Average American Woman

Unless you regularly shop for plus-size clothing, you may not realize how fucking hard it is to find plus-size clothing in stores. This is a big deal, since time and time again, we hear that the average American woman wears a 14 or 16. The size at which "plus" begins. » 6/24/13 5:40pm 6/24/13 5:40pm

H&M Shows Collection On Plus-Size Model, Doesn't Make a Big Deal Of It

If you go to H&M's women's wear homepage right now, you'll see something a little unusual. The megachain is highlighting its new seasonal deliveries on its homepage — "Casual Classics," "Style Update: Black & White," "New Looks April," so much so ordinary. But then there's the "Beachwear" collection. » 4/29/13 5:00pm 4/29/13 5:00pm

Factory Conditions at Zara Look To Have Improved Since Last Year (Kinda)

Last August Zara factories were busted for slave-like working conditions for undocumented workers from Peru and Bolivia; now there's an in-depth look at the La Coruña, Galicia headquarters of Inditex, the company that owns the fast-fashion brand. An Istanbul-based writer went inside the Zara and Zara Home warehouses… » 11/10/12 3:15pm 11/10/12 3:15pm

Lana Del Rey Stars In A Very Lynchian H&M Ad

The polarizing chanteuse and self-described "gangster Nancy Sinatra" Lana Del Rey is the face of H&M for fall, and the retailer actually shot a whole music video of this "Blue Velvet" cover she performs, though the clip here is just a snippet. » 9/15/12 4:45pm 9/15/12 4:45pm

Carbonite David Beckham Is the Newest Decoration in Jabba the Hutt's…

LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 16: H&M celebrates the new David Beckham ad campaign with a statue stunt at the Beverly Center on August 16, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for H&M) » 8/16/12 9:45pm 8/16/12 9:45pm

Get Ready to Find Out What James Bond Smells Like

The new James Bond 007 fragrance debuts at Harrods next month, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the James Bond film franchise, and release of the 23rd Bond film, Skyfall (which hits theaters in the US in November). Because nothing says "secret spy" like having your agency code number on a fragrance bottle. So,… » 7/27/12 11:42am 7/27/12 11:42am

Wet Seal Continues to Flounder, Fires CEO

In what seems like a desperate move to switch things up in the midst of a racial discrimination lawsuit and plummeting finances, Wet Seal has fired its relatively new CEO without a replacement in mind. But is the company worth saving at all? » 7/23/12 12:35pm 7/23/12 12:35pm

Cool Giovanni Ribisi And Cool Agyness Deyn Elope Coolly

Giovanni Ribisi, Giovanni Ribisi's moustache and model Agyness Deyn have apparently been dating on the sly for months and quietly married in Los Angeles this weekend. As recently as March, Deyn told press "I'm all alone. There has been no man in my life for several months now and although it would be nice to have a… » 6/22/12 9:00am 6/22/12 9:00am

H&M Makes Model Look Really, Really, Really Tan

Folks: we officially live in a world where Beyoncé's skin gets lightened for ads and Isabeli Fontana's gets darkened. H&M is under fire from public health and cancer groups for hiring model Isabeli Fontana for its latest swimwear campaign and making her look really tan — tan in a way that many people can't achieve via… » 5/10/12 1:40pm 5/10/12 1:40pm