Author Wonders Whether Hitler Was a Tiger in the Sack or What

Nobody knows for sure what it was like to have sex with Hitler and, with the exception of a small number of very specific fetishists, most people have gone through their lives without thinking too deeply about it. But now, thanks to Martin Amis's imagination, we've got more speculation on Hitler's penis than ever… » 10/13/14 11:30am 10/13/14 11:30am

Tila Tequila Is a Nazi Sympathizer Who Calls Herself 'Hitila'

Tila Tequila, perhaps best known as the most popular artist on Myspace (according to page views) circa April 2006, and whose occupation is listed as "Glamour model" on Wikipedia, and probably most relevantly, who we all thought would fade into rightful obscurity following the cancellation of A Shot at Love with Tila… » 12/09/13 9:30pm 12/09/13 9:30pm

Nazi Women Were Experts on Husband Finding, Baby Having, and Murder

Not to Godwin myself in the first sentence of my first post of the day, but here goes: if you think education is wasted on girls because what they should be learning is about lady skills like man-pleasing and baby-rearing, then congratulations! You and Hitler agree on how society should treat women. » 10/09/13 1:30pm 10/09/13 1:30pm

Nazi Diamonds Are Most Definitely Not a Girl's Best Friend

Raise your hand if you'd be willing to spend almost $110,000 on a super fancy swastika ring made especially for Hitler by a rabid anti-semitic jeweler. None of you should be raising your hands. » 9/05/13 2:55pm 9/05/13 2:55pm

Thai University Apologizes for Commending Grads with Hitler Mural

Thailand's leading university has come under fire for displaying a heinously distasteful banner as a tribute to its graduating class. How heinous are we talking here? Um, well: the giant billboard depicts a host of popular American superheroes flanking Adolf Hitler. Photos taken at the graduation show that Hitler… » 7/15/13 6:40pm 7/15/13 6:40pm

Cool Prank Audition Convinces Women to Wear Blackface, Salute Hitler

About 30 aspiring actresses who responded to a casting call got the shit fooled out of them when it turned out that they were auditioning for a part that didn't actually exist. But wait! It gets fool-ier: during the fake audition, the women were asked to do unladylike things like wear blackface, impersonate Adolph… » 6/19/13 6:05pm 6/19/13 6:05pm

Everyone! Stop Giving Old People a Pass Just for Being Old!

French parfumier Jean-Paul Guerlain was fined 6,000 euros this week for making racist comments in a televised interview. When discussing his famous Samsara fragrance (a "heady oriental fragrance featuring main notes of jasmine and sandalwood"), Guerlain said, "And for once I started working like a nigger. I don't know… » 3/29/12 7:00pm 3/29/12 7:00pm

Bored With Saving Lives, Lifeguards Make Videos Homophobic Hitler Videos

A group of British lifeguards have drawn fire for making a YouTube video in which they impersonate Hitler, make homophobic jokes, and pretend to have sex with a life jacket. » 10/28/11 11:10am 10/28/11 11:10am

Field Guide: Daphne Guinness And Her Thoughts On Hitler

Rebecca Mead's profile of Daphne Guinness from this week's New Yorker aims to explain the nature of the heiress/fashion star's appeal. And just what it is that she does all day. » 9/22/11 11:55am 9/22/11 11:55am

Kate To Naomi: "Trying To Upstage Me, Bitch?"

The Vogue cover story about Kate Moss's wedding is here, and it is a doozy. The supermodel decided to tie the knot after watching Big Fat Gypsy Weddings. Moss explains: » 8/11/11 3:05pm 8/11/11 3:05pm

, the run by creepy Christians, is selling an unusually high number of shirts with exhortations on them right now. [] A -inspired collection…

Lars Von Trier Declares Himself A Nazi, Hitler Sympathizer

Director Lars Von Trier seemingly lost his shit when, at a press at the Cannes Film Festival for his film Melancholia, he declared himself a Nazi and Hitler sympathizer among things in a bout of verbal diarrhea that freaked out other members of the panel, before a moderator cut the event short. » 5/18/11 6:00pm 5/18/11 6:00pm

Elle Turkey Shoots Fashion Spread In Ruined Armenian City

In 1064, Turkish armies laid siege to Ani, a bustling, largely Armenian city of 200,000. They were ordered to destroy Ani, and kill everyone they found. In 2011, Elle Turkey used the ruins left behind for a fashion story. » 1/21/11 5:07pm 1/21/11 5:07pm

Today In Ill-Advised Anne Frank Interpretations

A fantasy of Jewish militarized revenge — like Inglourious Basterds! Sexing up a Holocaust victim who died at 15 — like everything else everywhere! The question is, are you Team Anne or Team Hitler? » 12/02/10 2:17pm 12/02/10 2:17pm

Bollywood To Tackle The Romance Of Hitler And Eva Braun

File this under Bad Ideas: A Bollywood studio has announced plans to make a film about Hitler's romance with Eva Braun. Braun will be played by a former Miss India, and Hitler will be played by Anupam Kher. » 6/09/10 1:30pm 6/09/10 1:30pm

Italians Angered By Ad Featuring Hitler In Pink

Palermo, Sicily residents are protesting ads for a local clothing store depicting Hitler in pink with the slogan "Don't follow your leader." A city official says it's "offensive to our country's constitutional principles and to the sensitivities of citizens." [Telegraph] » 5/21/10 11:40am 5/21/10 11:40am

Toddlers & Tiaras Kid Does Hitler

Remember Eden Wood, the 4-year-old showgirl from Toddlers & Tiaras who's written a book? Her mother Mickie recently posted this photo on her Facebook page: it's Eden donning a Hitler 'stache. It appears that Mickie has since removed the link. » 4/28/10 1:30pm 4/28/10 1:30pm

Hitler's Favorite Little Girl

Using the memoir of the Goebbels family governess, Emma Craigie retells the finals days in Hitler's bunker - from 12-year-old Helga's POV. Helga was sensitive, spirited, and suspicious, but she also holds the unfortunate title: "Hitler's favorite little girl." [Telegraph] » 4/09/10 12:20pm 4/09/10 12:20pm

Eva Braun Was "Not A Passive Wallflower" • Cambodia Bans Marriages To…

A new book about Eva Braun says she was "no dumb blonde." "People have always seen her as just the pleasant woman who fell in love with a monster, but she actually played an important role in Hitler's inner circle." » 3/19/10 5:40pm 3/19/10 5:40pm

Really? We Thought It Was!

Those Downfall-based Hitler spoofs on YouTube may be a blast but, the Wall Street Journal reminds us, "the end of the Third Reich in Hitler's concrete lair was not always a laughing matter." [WSJ] » 2/23/10 6:40pm 2/23/10 6:40pm