'Gospel of Jesus's Wife' Is the Real Deal, According to Science

A fragment of papyrus that refers to Jesus's wife—that was immediately shot down as a fake by the Vatican in 2012—has been tested by scientists at Columbia University, Harvard University and MIT, who all conclude that the ink and papyrus are very likely ancient and not a modern a forgery. » 4/10/14 10:50am 4/10/14 10:50am

No, corsets did not destroy the health of Victorian women

In the annals of Victorian medical history, few foes receive as much bile as the corset, which physicians claimed contributed to miscarriages, cancer, and slow, crushing deaths. But while there are some health problems that can be linked to corsets, they aren't nearly the instruments of medical terror that they're… » 3/17/14 3:38pm 3/17/14 3:38pm

A Map of the Weirdest Sex Laws in the United States

Is your sex life against the law? Better make sure. We've painstakingly compiled a map of all the most biarre and unnecessary laws regulating what you do, with whom, and where. Check out our complete map of all the weirdest laws regulating sex in America below. » 12/17/13 3:42pm 12/17/13 3:42pm

History of Mannequins Tracks the Aesthetic Tyranny of Consumerism

Are mannequins just garment enhancers that let prospective consumers visualize what an outfit looks like on a human body, or are they creepy holdovers from the Egyptian aesthetes that first help shape the Western gaze? Both, of course — according to a recent overview of mannequin history in Collectors Weekly, the cold, … » 12/08/13 2:00pm 12/08/13 2:00pm

Anna Komnene's B-day Cake Is a Greek Fireball of Awesome

Today is the birthday of Anna Komnene (Comnena, for all you Latinized barbarians), the brilliant daughter of Emperor Alexios I Komnenos of Byzantium, who set the unfortunate precedent of letting the Franks crash in Constantinople on their way to the Holy Land during the First Crusade. Born in 1083, Anna lived for a… » 12/01/13 6:30pm 12/01/13 6:30pm

Vintage Photos Reveal Century-Long Obession with Dressing Up Pets

We've shown you some strange photos of intelligent animals before, but now it's time to share more vintage oddness. These images — some over a hundred years old — are evidence that humans never tire of dressing their pets up in cute and/or weird ways. » 11/21/13 9:10pm 11/21/13 9:10pm

Jackie O's Pink Suit Will Remain Hidden Away Until We're All Dead

Fifty years ago this week, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas as he rode in a motorcade alongside his wife Jacqueline. The now-iconic blood-spattered pink suit that the First Lady wore that day hasn't been seen in public since, but not because it's missing; it's because it's locked in a vault… » 11/18/13 4:30pm 11/18/13 4:30pm

The Woman Who Shot Elephants for America's Natural History Museums

Delia Akeley is probably best remembered as a "wife-of," having spent two decades married to famed taxidermist and conservationist Carl Akeley. But Delia was a fascinating adventurer in her own right, an early primatologist, anthropologist studying the pygmy peoples of Belgian Congo, and skilled museum-backed hunter—the… » 11/17/13 1:26pm 11/17/13 1:26pm

Rush Limbaugh Has Written a Terrible Magic School Bus Rip-Off for Kids

Since Rush Limbaugh can do very little that is not worthy of immediate and unstinting public ridicule, he has gone ahead and written a children’s book about a suspiciously-named protagonist, a substitute teacher named “Rush Revere” who kidnaps some students in a time machine so he can teach them about the… » 9/05/13 9:10pm 9/05/13 9:10pm

'Ask a Slave' Makes Depressingly Stupid Tourist Questions Hilarious

Actress and comedian Azie Mira Dungey used to work as a historical re-enactor at Mount Vernon. And 1- because George Washington's old stomping grounds are staffed with people acting out roles they might have had during the George Washington days and 2- Dungey is black, she played the role of a slave named Lizzy Mae.… » 9/03/13 1:10pm 9/03/13 1:10pm