Linda Tripp Doesn't Want Hillary Clinton to Become President 

It had been a long time since anyone heard from Linda Tripp, the woman who befriended Monica Lewinsky and secretly recorded their conversations which were later used to out Lewinsky’s affair with President Clinton. Now she’s back and speaking out against Hillary Clinton. Tripp believes that Hillary should not win the… » 7/28/15 10:15pm Tuesday 10:15pm

Hillary Clinton Had a Tough Dad Who Ate Garlic With Peanut Butter

During her 2016 campaign for presidency, Hillary Clinton has often spoke of her mother Dorothy Rodham, pointing out her mom’s hard-working perseverance after experiencing a tough childhood. In her book Hard Choices, Clinton says that learned to “never rest on your laurels,” and to “never quit,” from Mrs. Rodham, who… » 7/19/15 7:15pm 7/19/15 7:15pm

Hillary Clinton Comments on Humans of New York Post About Gay Teen 

On Friday, the popular Facebook page Humans of New York posted an interview with a gay teen who spoke candidly about his fears (for unknown reasons, the post was later removed by Facebook and eventually reposted). Like nearly everything HONY posts, it was practically made to go viral and despite early problems with… » 7/04/15 11:15am 7/04/15 11:15am

Hillary Clinton's Pinterest Is THE Spot For 'Granddaughter Gift Ideas'

Hillary Clinton, internet user and Democratic presidential candidate, has just added a new social media icon to her ever-growing lineup. Starting today, those who stand with Hillary can now pin with her, too. Clinton’s Pinterest page describes itself as containing “granddaughter gift ideas, hairstyle inspiration,… » 6/30/15 4:00pm 6/30/15 4:00pm

Hillary Clinton: 'Long Struggle With Race is Far From Finished' 

Earlier today Hillary Clinton delivered a speech at US Conference of Mayors in San Francisco where she addressed the murder of nine people at Charleston’s Emmanuel A.M.E Church. Clinton spoke about the “hard truths of race and justice in America,” and called for “common sense” gun reform measures. » 6/20/15 3:00pm 6/20/15 3:00pm

Mark Ruffalo Would Like Hillary Clinton to Be More Like Bernie Sanders 

In the lead-up to the presidential primaries, Senator and crotchety-old-man-who-should-be-president-but-won’t Bernie Sanders is making a surprisingly strong showing in some very early polls against Hillary Clinton. But in the very likely—you know, certain—event that Clinton is the Democratic nominee, actor Mark… » 6/17/15 5:45pm 6/17/15 5:45pm

Dumb Fox News Bashes Hillary's Playlist, Is Bad at Music Criticism

Fox & Friends, deeply unfunny despite its best efforts, recently proved its propensity for selective truth extends to music criticism, as Elisabeth Hasselbeck chose one verse from an American Authors song—”I’m a little bit jealous/ I’m a little bit slow/ I’m a little bit hurtful/ and I don’t wanna let it go”—and used… » 6/16/15 3:00pm 6/16/15 3:00pm

Would You Vote for Hillary Clinton Based on Her Spotify Playlist?

Hillary Clinton, Presidential candidate and purveyor of millennial-targeted merchandise, is fully ready to take this election thing by storm. And as everyone knows, to run for President, you have to have signature jams to back you up. Hillary just don’t stop thinkin’ about tomorrow. » 6/15/15 1:50pm 6/15/15 1:50pm

Hillary Clinton is Selling Pantsuit Tees and 'Shattered Glass' Tumblers

Any political strategist will tell you the most important part of any presidential campaign is the lifestyle brand. A candidate isn’t truly running for the country’s highest elected office until their name is stitched, stuck, or printed all over their supporters’ bodies, homes, offices, and cars. With the launch of… » 5/26/15 10:10am 5/26/15 10:10am

Here's Some Prime Fox News Meaningless Yelling

Happy almost Memorial Day, a day when we think about America and the sacrifices we make for it! To celebrate, Mediaite brings our attention to a beautiful clip of Andrea Tantaros of Fox News and Democratic strategist Penny Lee going at it on Hannity Thursday. Your necessary context clues here are: Hillary Clinton,… » 5/22/15 12:10pm 5/22/15 12:10pm

Bernie Sanders Will Introduce Bill to Make Public Colleges Tuition-Free

Senator Bernie Sanders will introduce a bill this week that would make four-year public universities in the United States tuition-free. Much like his presidential campaign, it’s not going to go anywhere, and, much like his campaign, it’s going to prod Hillary Clinton to make affordable higher education a bigger part… » 5/19/15 12:45pm 5/19/15 12:45pm

Chelsea Clinton Is Wrecking Havoc at the Clinton Foundation

With a name like Chelsea Clinton, you’d think that working at the Clinton Foundation would be a cakewalk—maybe popping in on Fridays with bagels and a friendly wave; approving office supply orders while you browse on Amazon; unlimited Seamless. That fantasy might actually exist, according to reports that Chelsea seems… » 5/19/15 11:50am 5/19/15 11:50am

Breaking: Hillary Clinton is Very, Very Rich

According to financial disclosure forms filed with federal election officials on Friday, Hillary and Bill Clinton have earned over $30 million in the last sixteen months. The New York Times reports that the money largely came from giving speeches to corporations and banks. That amount officially makes Clinton one of… » 5/16/15 12:15pm 5/16/15 12:15pm