Hillary Clinton's Campaign Reminds You to Direct Your Hate at the Right Kevin McCarthy

Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy became public enemy number 20 or something after giving a speech in which the hopeful House Speaker bragged that the committee tasked with investigating Benghazi was to thank for Hillary Clinton’s dwindling poll numbers—essentially admitting that the committee was a political hit group… »10/07/15 2:50pmYesterday 2:50pm

Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden Both Gave Pro Transgender Rights Speeches This Weekend

On Saturday, at a Washington breakfast hosted by the Human Rights Campaign, Vice President Joe Biden and prospective President Hillary Clinton both gave impassioned speeches in support of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans—and our stalwart veep managed to squeeze in a rock solid republican diss, too. »10/04/15 9:58pmSunday 9:58pm

Studies in Likeability: Hillary Clinton Will Appear on Saturday Night Live

The New York Times reports that Hillary Clinton will make an appearance on tomorrow’s season premiere of Saturday Night Live. Though Clinton’s camp wouldn’t confirm the appearance, it looks like she will appear alongside Kate McKinnon who has been deftly portraying the Democratic candidate throughout the last year. »10/03/15 3:00pmSaturday 3:00pm

Watch Clinton Supporters Happily Endorse Trump's Tax Plan When They Think It's Hillary's 

You’d think most people would have watched enough late-night TV to automatically refuse to answer questions asked by people wielding microphones on the street. These very clueless Hillary Clinton supporters, however, didn’t utilize their self-preservation instinct and ended up accidentally endorsing Donald Trump’s new… »9/30/15 11:58am9/30/15 11:58am

Looks Like the FBI Recovered Some of Hillary Clinton's Deleted Emails 

Bloomberg News is reporting that a “person familiar with the investigation” confirmed that the Federal Bureau of Investigations has recovered emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server. According to Bloomberg, the FBI is investigating “how and why classified information ended up on Clinton’s server.” »9/22/15 11:00pm9/22/15 11:00pm

Huma Abedin Tweeted. What Happened Next Won't Surprise You.

Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin joined Twitter yesterday, which is a mistake. No one should ever tweet. But Abedin probably has to, and her first tweet was a response to presidential candidate Ben Carson’s very smart not at all bigoted comment that a Muslim shouldn’t ever be president: »9/22/15 12:15pm9/22/15 12:15pm

Over 200 Of Hillary Clinton's Emails Contain Classified Information

Hillary Clinton has been dealing with a months-long migraine atop her many other migraines after it was revealed that she used a private email server to conduct official secretary of state business. Nothing classified was sent over the insecure server, she insisted, and the hype was partisan overreaction. It turns… »8/31/15 8:30pm8/31/15 8:30pm

Presidential Campaign Interrupts Hillary Clinton's Hamptons Vacation

Hillary Clinton had planned to spend the last two weeks of August in the Hamptons. But! Next week, she is going to have to take a quick jaunt across the Midwest. You know what they say about the campaign trail: it stretches all the way from Montauk to Des Moines.http://gawker.com/oligarch-possi... »8/23/15 2:45pm8/23/15 2:45pm

Hillary Clinton Spoke to Black Lives Matter Protestors, Has Zero Solutions

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton spoke to Black Lives Matter protestors during her campaign stop in New Hampshire last week, but don’t give her a cookie just yet. In the short conversation, the candidate who’s often described as too practiced came across relaxed and more unfiltered than normal—but still… »8/20/15 2:40pm8/20/15 2:40pm