Couple Gets Lost in Woods on First Date, Has to Get Airlifted Out

Well, this sounds like a real-life, rom-com nightmare. Two people decided to forgo the typical first date dinner and meet each other for the first time during a hike in the woods. They ventured into the Angeles National Forest in Arcadia, California with a map and a phone, but ended up getting lost in the trails with… » 7/26/15 3:45pm 7/26/15 3:45pm

How to Go On a Miniature Adventure

I have always been drawn to adventure, though sometimes not in healthy ways. In college I drank too much, not only because it was the norm but also for the way that normal rules disappeared and I never knew what would happen. After drinking, friends were more likely to go skinny-dipping or dance without embarrassment.… » 7/10/15 12:00pm 7/10/15 12:00pm

That One Time I Left My Fiancé and Fled to the Appalachian Trail

The Park Ranger parks his truck and steps over to my tent as gingerly as he could in his heavy boots. “Hello? Hey.” I poke my head out and look up to see him sporting the beige uniform of woodsy authority. The light behind him, dappled through the trees, is fading from gold to dark blue. » 5/20/15 3:45pm 5/20/15 3:45pm

The Days You Feel Beautiful and the Days You Don't

I'm embarrassed about all the time I've spent thinking about my weight. No one has ever told me I needed to lose any. Doctors mark my weight "average," and aside from a few middle school incidents, friends, family, and strangers have been positive about my body. But I'm not always happy with my appearance. Although I… » 2/04/15 2:30pm 2/04/15 2:30pm

I Went to the Wilderness to Avoid Making Decisions

Over the past year and a half, I spent nine months living under a tarp in the wilderness. Each morning, I stuffed my belongings into my backpackcheese, cookies, sleeping bag, headlamp, raincoatthen walked until dark. I crossed California, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. It was… » 12/01/14 1:20pm 12/01/14 1:20pm

Awesome Woman Traverses 18,000 Miles of American Wilderness With Little More Than Her Horses, a Dog and a Sombrero

A former ballet teacher and probable Willa Cather fan named Bernice Ende has been ambling across the United States at a stately pioneer pace of about four miles per hour. Her dog has been traveling with her in a most adorable fashion — sitting in a box on top of a horse that seems, at least from a few snapshots, to be… » 9/25/12 11:50am 9/25/12 11:50am

How to Calm Down an Angry Woman and/or Bear

This terribly helpful Men's Health article "How to Calm Down an Angry Woman" (ladies be crazyyy), reminded us of a nature guidebook; if you replace the word "woman" with "bear," it could be really helpful on your next camping trip! So in an effort to help Men's Health more clearly make their point, we made some minor… » 8/24/12 1:30pm 8/24/12 1:30pm