A Question After Sweet Briar: Is There a Future for Women's Colleges?

Last week, Sweet Briar College, a 114-year-old women's college located in rural Virginia, announced that it will be closing its doors in August. The abruptness of the news was remarkable: an institution as firmly established as a college or university rarely faces existential trouble in secret, yet there had been no… »3/13/15 12:10pm3/13/15 12:10pm


Sallie Mae Publicly Shamed For Harassing A Dead Law Student's Family

Thanks to heavily lobbied-for changes to laws governing debt collection, student loans don't vanish after the loan holders declare bankruptcy. Nor do they vanish when the loan holder dies. Some loan companies have policies in place that erase student debt accrued by a deceased person; others do not. And the ones that… »1/16/14 6:30pm1/16/14 6:30pm