The Birds And The B-List: How Do You Talk To Your Child About Sex Scandals?

It seems that when you allow your children to deify young women who have been in show-business since childhood, sometimes these role models disappoint them. Apparently the latest good-girl rep to bite the dust is that of someone named Adrienne Bailon of The Cheetah Girls »11/11/08 4:40pm11/11/08 4:40pm, who's just had a Hudgens-like incident…

Kate Moss Doesn't "Intellectualize" Getting Dressed

  • The Kate Moss "guide to partying" is a major letdown. "Don't dance with men who can't dance. I prefer to dance with my girlfriends." Is one of the rules. "Be a gorgeous moddle" probably doesn't hurt, either. [Mirror]
  • She basically comes out and says you can't just be her, anyway. "When it comes to dressing, I follow…
  • »10/20/08 12:30pm10/20/08 12:30pm

Models Filling The Jobs Vacated By Celebrities Who Took Their Modeling Jobs

  • The supermodels of yore think they deserve film careers. Naomi Campbell would like to start doing comedies (in itself: comedic!) and Helena Christensen hopes to be the next Bond girl. [Vogue UK]
  • How did this not happen earlier? The official periodical of normal people who aspire to be hipsters (Nylon) teaming up with…
  • »8/10/07 10:00am8/10/07 10:00am