Heading To A Post-Apocalyptic Orgy? Don't Forget The Condoms!

According to this Argentinian ad for Tulipan condoms, 2012 is going to look a lot like a Hieronymus Bosch painting. And when you're having sex with skeletons and giant praying mantises, you won't want to be worrying about STDs. » 7/29/10 11:23am 7/29/10 11:23am

McQueen's Final Work Includes Feathered Cherub Shoes

Take another look at Alexander McQueen's masterful last collection in this video. It's worth watching for the close-ups of the shoes, and little details like the skull clasps on the minaudières and the Bosch print satchel. [Fashionista] » 3/11/10 4:20pm 3/11/10 4:20pm

Material Girl Builds Brand; Martin + Osa To Close