We're So Surprised That the Catholic Bishops Rejected Obama's Birth Control Guidelines, Again

The White House released new birth control guidelines last Friday (we broke them down here) in hopes of reaching a compromise with religious groups and organizations that don't want to subsidize whatever they personally equate with baby-killing: contraceptives, sterilization, Plan B, those stress dreams you have that… »2/08/13 3:00pm2/08/13 3:00pm


Catholic Group Battles Government Over Right To Deny Birth Control & Abortions To Trafficking Victims

Once again Republicans are accusing the Obama administration of religious discrimination because they believe "freedom of religion" means that they should have the freedom to impose their religious beliefs on every American. Sadly this time they're toying with the health of one of the most vulnerable groups… »11/13/11 11:58pm11/13/11 11:58pm