Belle and the Beast Search For Their Dream Castle on House Hunters…

To promote the shiny new castles in Disney World's New Fantasyland exhibit, Disney partnered with HGTV's House Hunters International to make this video about the Beast and Belle home shopping. Of course, Belle chose the castle with the largest library. Typical Belle! My favorite part is when the host says the great… » 12/05/12 11:45pm 12/05/12 11:45pm

Hillary Clinton Cannot Resist HGTV’s Sexiest Home Improvement Show

Hillary Clinton, according to a speculative article in the New York Times, is looking forward to her hard-earned retirement after traveling the world almost nonstop for the past four years like a more badass, sunglasses-on-the-private-jet version of James Bond. Whatever will she do next, now that so many doors seem to… » 11/11/12 3:30pm 11/11/12 3:30pm

What Can House Hunters Teach Us About Ourselves?

Do you watch House Hunters? "Oooh," you are thinking, "I love that show. I simply can't get enough of all those retired couples searching for farmhouses to restore in Italy, those students shopping for flats in Berlin, and those families being relocated to Botswana and Morocco for work. Bring on the voyeuristic peeks… » 11/24/11 1:00pm 11/24/11 1:00pm