I Can't Believe There Was a Hey Dude Cast Reunion and I MISSED IT

Hey Dude was my very first favorite show. I'm not counting cartoons and Sesame Street and stuff, because that's just ON when you're a kid and you don't really choose it. Hey Dude's the first show where I remember seeing commercials for it on Nickelodeon, thinking to myself, "Oh, yeah. That is my kind of show," and… »6/14/14 5:30pm6/14/14 5:30pm


Hey, Dude: Nickelodeon Adds Even More 90s Shows To Their Nostalgia Block

The internet kind of collectively flipped out when it was announced that Nickelodeon would bring back programming from the early '90s, and when it debuted to high ratings, Nickelodeon must have realized that they did something right. But what they weren't doing everything right, given complaints about air time… »10/06/11 2:05pm10/06/11 2:05pm