Three Chicks Arrested After Twerking, Peeing in City Hall Parking Lot

Three women in their early 20s were arrested in Beaverton, OR on Monday after they were spotted twerking in front of municipal court windows. One of them allegedly peed in between two cop cars while her friend filmed it. They were stopped by police, who reportedly discovered the girls were in possession of coke, meth… » 4/29/14 4:00pm 4/29/14 4:00pm

Badass Women WWII Pilots To Be Honored With Rose Bowl Float

When Dorothy "Dot" Lewis, a former Women's Airforce Service Pilot in World War II, passed away this September, her son wanted to do something special to honor her and the other 1,073 WASPs. What better way to honor such an important but largely forgotten aspect of the US Military than with the US's most historic… » 11/07/13 1:30pm 11/07/13 1:30pm

Democrats Could Save the World from Future Rob Schneider Movies

Eeeeee! There's almost nothing I love more than a totally ineffectual power-flounce, when someone announces that they're taking their ball and going home in order to "punish" people who didn't even want to play with them in the first place. And today's big flounce is even better than usual—actor, comedian, and noted … » 10/01/13 8:30pm 10/01/13 8:30pm

Woman Stops Elementary School Gunman Using Sheer Awesomeness

In the wake of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School last December, NRA head Wayne LaPierre famously quipped that the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. I guess no one told Antoinette Tuff, who just yesterday prevented a standoff with a gunman from turning into another… » 8/21/13 4:50pm 8/21/13 4:50pm

Astronaut Sally Ride Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom

To coincide with the tribute to U.S. Astronaut Sally Ride's life that occured at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in D.C. last night, President Obama has awarded Ride — the first American woman to ever make the voyage into space — with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The honor was bestowed… » 5/21/13 12:20pm 5/21/13 12:20pm

Hero Teens Stop Their Prom Limo to Rescue Victims of Car Crash

Today in FINALLY, SOMETHING NICE HAPPENED: Twenty Florida high school seniors were prom-bound in their limousine when they saw a van hit the highway median and flip over. Feeling the clarion call of heroism, the teens unstrapped their cummerbunds, tossed aside their Jessica McClintock boleros, and leapt from the… » 5/16/13 2:40pm 5/16/13 2:40pm

Trash Collector Saves Dog From Garbage Bag, Fills Our Hearts With Hope

Victoria Roman, a trash collecter in NYC, was doing her job last week when she noticed a garbage bag move. Seeing as that was very weird, Roman opened the bag to find month old delivery food that had come to life. JK, it was way worse, a tiny Shih Tzu in very bad condition — her eyes were matted-shut and her toenails… » 4/16/13 8:23pm 4/16/13 8:23pm