Here's How Fringe Republicans Are Being Taught to Argue the 'Social Issues' With Liberals

Over the course of my three days at the Values Voter Summit, I encountered nearly-constant implicit racism and homophobia, from jokes to asides to the agendas attendees were promoting. But I never encountered any overt hatred. That is, until I attended the session “How to Argue the Social Issues with Liberals and… »9/27/15 1:15pm9/27/15 1:15pm


The Heritage Foundation's Pinterest Account Is Definitely Drunk

While I disagree ideologically with almost everything the Heritage Foundation stands for, it's refreshing to see that we both agree with the old adage that she who Pinterests drunkest, Pinterests best. Great example of Pinteresting drunk: the Heritage Foundation's 'Surprise Criminals' board. It makes no sense. It has… »10/03/13 6:20pm10/03/13 6:20pm

John McCain: Tone Deaf, Going Deaf And Still Loving ABBA

  • When John McCain was asked to comment on Jerome Corsi's work of Obama-hating fiction, McCain told the reporter, "gotta keep your sense of humor." This caused an uproar, so McCain's spokeswoman said he never heard the question. So he's either politically tone deaf or going deaf? Good save. [CNN]
  • It's probably because…
  • »8/15/08 6:30pm8/15/08 6:30pm