Homophobic Bridal Store Owner Gets Yelp-Bombed

When a New Jersey bridal shop refused to sell a dress to a lesbian bride, critics took to Yelp to express their displeasure. But are some of them creating fake reviews? » 8/23/11 5:35pm 8/23/11 5:35pm

Store Refuses To Sell Wedding Dress To Lesbian Bride

Last week, a New Jersey bridal store manager refused to sell a dress to a customer when she found out she was a lesbian. The manager's reasoning is bigoted (obviously), and also extremely bizarre. » 8/18/11 2:25pm 8/18/11 2:25pm

Is Having An "Offbeat" Wedding Really That Different From Having A…

It is very easy, I think, to crap all over a traditional wedding. I've done it myself, to be honest, rolling my eyes at sites like The Knot and various reality shows featuring out-of-control Bridezillas. » 4/25/09 2:30pm 4/25/09 2:30pm