The End Of The Conventions: What I Forgot To Mention During the RNC

So, speeches are over, the balloons have dropped, the Republicans have abandoned Minneapolis-St. Paul with almost as much alacrity as they once did New Orleans and it's time for another listicle of shit I wish I'd found a reason to write about before now.
  1. That protester that was above my head during McCain's speech
  2. »9/06/08 3:00pm9/06/08 3:00pm


I Know You Think Our Jobs Are Slipping Away But Baby That's All In Your Mind

So, I'm clicking around the internet looking for a funny picture to illustrate a somewhat, uh, summery Crappy Hour and what do I land upon but this charming photo of Megan McCain meeting Henry Kissinger. Hey, what's our towheaded blogette been up to anyway? Would you guess that directly underneath the Kissinger photo… »7/11/08 10:30am7/11/08 10:30am

Dear Barry: We Agree, Please Just Start Smoking Again (Just Not Menthols)

Today, TheRoot made the courageous call no other news outlet, mainstream or meme-stream, has had the foresight (or clear-eyed grasp of the myriad complexities of the current era) to do, and penned an open letter to Michelle Obama requesting an indulgence so Barack can have a fucking cigarette."Think about the pure… »4/29/08 10:00am4/29/08 10:00am

Al Gore Wins Nobel Peace Prize For Tireless Effort To Get You To Change Your Lightbulbs

Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work reminding everyone about global warming, on what is ironically the COLDEST DAY EVER. Actually, to be precise, he shared the prize with the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which has funded the research of the colossal stacks of research that made most… »10/12/07 9:30am10/12/07 9:30am

'Justine' Magazine: Just Because We Haven't Heard Of It Doesn't Mean It Can't Rot Tween Souls

Just because we've never heard of teen magazine Justine before doesn't mean that we didn't want to learn all sorts of things about it from the good peeps at MediaPost's 'Magazine Rack'. After all, we were once teenage girls. And while our parents made YM forbidden — they said it was demeaning to women — we did pore… »8/15/07 5:30pm8/15/07 5:30pm