Queen Elizabeth Seeks Royal Dishwasher, Clumsy Butterfingers Need Not Apply

Rumor has it that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of England could use a hand. A pair of hands, actually. On the Official Website of the British Monarchy, one will find a job listing for a position known as "General Catering Assistant (Wash-up)." Your mission, should you choose to accept it — er, be chosen to accept it: »1/08/13 4:10pm1/08/13 4:10pm

Hate Your Well-Paying, High-Profile Job? Be A Jezebel Career Mentor!

When women hop jobs on Wall Street, they're much more likely to maintain their "star power" than men, a Harvard Business School study recently found. The reason was obvious, yet interesting: while men tend to achieve their standing by kissing ass within their respective firms, women look outside their firms to build… »1/28/08 4:40pm1/28/08 4:40pm

Wanted: Fun-Loving Female; Loves Long Walks In The Weekend Rain

We noticed a few things after putting up our 6-month anniversary post late last month: Readers want less fewer Kim Kardashian, more hot dudes, an advice column (done!), lots more Crap, and less snaps of celebrity spawn. (Take it up with the paparazzi; we take what we can get.) And although we're not able — or willing… »12/03/07 10:00am12/03/07 10:00am