Rating Every Great (& Shitty) Soundcloud Remix of Adele's 'Hello' So Far

Despite Adele having broken records, brains, and hearts with her new, blue single “Hello,” everyone knows that a hit isn’t really a hit until it has accrued a gaggle of dance remixes on Soundcloud, ideally half of which are no-turning-back terrible. Luckily, if there’s ever a hitmaker, it’s Adele. In this very serious… »10/27/15 11:45am10/27/15 11:45am

Fashion Designers Continue To Be Full Of Political Opinions

  • Only one more day of having to listen to designers opine about politics! Marc Jacobs' L.A. windows are "set up with the Republicans menacingly on one side (with a particularly freaky-looking W) and brightly dressed Obama voters/supporters on the other. There's also a gun-toting Palin with a letter posted next to her…
  • »11/04/08 11:30am11/04/08 11:30am